SGD Food


I’ve had a blast photographing the formation Sisters Gourmet Deli since its days as sawdust and lumber to the booming, successful business it is today! A few months ago I got the opportunity to photograph all of the options they offer on their menu! Michaela, the owner, even sent me home with ALL of the sandwiches and salads that I photographed (LUCKY ME!) so I can 100% vouch for the quality and impeccable taste of this food! No two sandwiches are alike and I ate like a queen for a week!

Click the link of their website above to order or view their menu! (They even deliver in the Old Port!)

Here are some of the photos to get your taste buds excited and your mouth watering:

They offer amazing gourmet sandwiches with gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options; they even have tempeh that you can substitute for other meats in any of their sandwiches or salads which is awesome! Plus, their chips, sodas, and even the dough for their daily-baked bread is all locally sourced! Props to Michaela for keeping it local, supporting her community, and making some knock-out meals!

More info below on where, when, and what! #peaceloveandsandwiches

Where: 15 Monument Square, Portland, ME 04101
When: 11AM – 8PM daily
What: Menu

SGD Facebook page: click here

Shirley it’s a boy!

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There is nothing better than a new addition to a family, especially in the form of a brand new little baby! A little while ago my husband Mike and I took a little overnight trip to visit our family members Adam and Lauren who were expecting their first child! I say “were” because he has officially entered the world now – sweet little Oliver Grey Shirley! I cannot wait to take his newborn photos in a few days but that’ll be a future blog post. This one is all about when little Oliver was still in his momma’s belly!


Look at these beaming parents-to-be! These two have been through so much in their 13 years together, especially in regard to the journey of becoming parents. They are very open and honest about their struggles becoming pregnant but in the end it all worked out and they now have their perfect little boy, or “Little Man” as they fondly called him throughout pregnancy.

These two are ALWAYS making each other laugh and are the most down-to-earth couple you’ll ever meet. Little Oliver will grow up in a house filled with smiles, giggles, and more love than he could ever imagine!

I swear, when people talk about the “pregnancy glow,” it’s 100% true. I mean, look at momma Lauren; she is the perfect example!

Sweet little boy, safe in his momma’s embrace. I’m sure having him finally here in the world is a million times better, but Lauren has said many times she truly enjoyed pregnancy!


Dad-to-be Adam was just as excited! From listening to Lauren’s stories, it’s easy to gather that Adam was an amazing, supportive team member throughout the pregnancy and also the birth! It’s apparent in these photos that he loves Lauren more than anything and now gets to share that love with his son as well!

Oliver’s tiny shoes were adorable! It’s so crazy that babies come into this word as such tiny little beings and grow into strong, adult individuals in the blink of an eye. Of course, until then, there will be plenty of time to enjoy all the years in between!


Adam and Lauren live in a beautiful town in coastal Maine, hence the photos by the gorgeous open water near Algerian Coast. Once we left the shore, we drove around for a bit and they gave us a tour of the big island, the “fjord” (which I had to google), and a beautiful place called Asticou Gardens. The gardens were in full springtime bloom and were a stunning location for these photos.

Once we returned to Adam and Lauren’s house, I couldn’t resist getting some photos with their other “child,” Gracie the Great Dane. She is such a gentle giant and will make a wonderful big sister to baby Oliver!

I can’t say enough what a pleasure it was doing this session, especially for family because now I’ll get to see little Oliver grow up at every stage of his life!! Can’t wait to meet him ASAP! Thank you again to Adam and Lauren for hosting us overnight and visiting before and after this photo session! You were already amazing parents, even while Oliver was still cozy in his momma’s tummy, but now that he’s here, the second half of your journey begins! I have no doubts that this little boy will grow up in an amazing, loving, laughter-filled home! See you soon ❤ ❤

Romance and Rehearsals

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A few months ago I had the honor of photographing the rehearsal dinner for friends Deb and Justin’s wedding. It was so much fun!! The dinner venue was the adorable Freedom Cafe & Pub in Naples, ME. The restaurant is right on Long Lake which made for lovely outdoor views of the water and the boat docks. The event room inside the venue was decorated beautifully with flowers, lace, and unique burlap details!

The food was delicious and the excitement in the air was palpable as everyone laughed, mingled, and anticipated Deb and Justin’s wedding the next day!

We even slipped outside for some photos of Deb, Justin, and their bridal party by the water since the weather was perfect!

This was such a happy evening spent with friends and family who just adore the bride and groom! Deb and Justin are a perfect match; I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these two before and they are so comfortable and goofy with each other – you can tell they couldn’t be happier or more in love! I’m so thankful I got to be a part of this small part of their happily-ever-after story! Although I was unable to make it to their wedding the following day, I witnessed photos that were FULL of smiles, laughter, and happy tears!! Deb was a drop-dead GORGEOUS bride and Justin was so handsome in his tux as he waited for the love of his life to walk down the aisle! Wishing you two a lifetime and beyond of love and happiness! CONGRATS, Mr. and Mrs. Milair!

Gathering Winds Farm – Minis!

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A little over a month ago I did a special on Mini Sessions. I was lucky enough to have a friend, Stacey, graciously offer her farm’s apple orchard as the setting for these shoots! It was GORGEOUS! The apple trees were in full bloom and Stacey said that normally only lasts about a week before the blossoms start falling in preparation for apple season – what perfect timing!! I’ve always been in love with the dreamy feel of apple blossoms and cherry blossoms, especially when there are hundreds of trees! THANK YOU STACEY!! Gathering Winds Farm is just beautiful – plus Stacey and her family have lots of neat farm pets 😉

Here’s a look at some of the shots from all of the wonderful families that came out for the day:

Bsullak Family (at their own farm!)



Whidden Family




Buckley Family





Roberts Family



This was such a fun day filled with such fantastic groups of people! I thank each and every one of you for making me smile, laugh, and love what I do even more! I thoroughly enjoy photographing families and the love they share among parents, children, spouses, siblings, and even extended family. To be able to capture these moments, especially while kids are growing SO fast, is something I cherish every day!


Shout out again to Gathering Winds Farm!

Hope to see you all again in the future! 🙂

Easygoing Eva

Family, Newborns

I’m so far behind on blog posts! Time to catch up!

Over a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing the newborn daughter of one of my coworkers, Sara. This session was so fun because I got to see Sara progress through her pregnancy every day at work and hear so many funny stories about her experience! There was a surprise lunch planned for her as sort of a “baby celebration” but Baby Girl decided to make her appearance earlier than expected!

Meet Geneva, “Eva” for short!

I swear Eva was the most laid-back newborn I’ve ever photographed, hence the title of this blog post! She was only 11 days old at the time of this session and slept peacefully for almost the whole shoot. She did open her eyes a few times to gaze around but never made a peep!

What a gorgeous baby girl! Geneva has lots of dark hair like her mom right now but you never know… Eva’s older sister, Ari, has much lighter locks.



Ari is such an energetic little girl. She’s definitely very curious and smart as can be! We were discussing our favorite colors and I said mine was “orange like the sun” (meaning that color it turns during sunset) and she instantly called me out on it – “The sun is YELLOW, silly, not orange!” Haha, she got me there! I conceded and told her “Oh, you’re right! How could I have been so silly?!” She’s one smart cookie and sure does love her new baby sister!


Mom, Sara and Dad, Jared are also smitten with this new little cutie and she is right at home in their arms!

Even though sweet baby Eva gets lots of snuggles and lovin’, “Princess Ari,” as her family fondly calls her, still laughs, plays, and gets lots of love and snuggles of her own!

What a perfect little family!


You can truly feel the happiness surrounding this bunch. Wishing Sara and Jared many years of joy raising these two beautiful little girls!!



Blaises at Bates

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What a gorgeous day! The Blais family chose to have their family portraits done at Bates College which was such an awesome location! I had never been to the Bates campus before and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised at what a beautiful area it was.

Meet the Blais family:


This family was referred to me by a mutual friend and I’m so glad they contacted me for this session – they are such a fun bunch! I absolutely loved that three different generations were present for this session.


The kids,  Audrey and Cam, were so cute during this shoot. They are cousins and you can tell they are wonderful playmates and the best of friends!

They loved sitting close to the water watching a little family of ducks in the pond.


We explored all over campus and found some beautiful backdrops for photos. I think we were all happy to be outside enjoying such gorgeous weather!


These parents sure do love their little ones! There was lots of play and laughter throughout our session and candid photos are the best!

Brittany and Sam are such fun-loving women; they were all smiles and had some silly moments that are always fun to capture!

Helping the kiddos climb a tree!

These grandparents sure do adore their grand-kids!



What an awesome day with this fun and friendly group!! Thank you all for a wonderful session! 😀

Bye Bye, College!


A few weeks ago I made the trip down to the University of New Hampshire to photograph these four college roommates before they graduated with their Bachelor’s Degrees, which they all did this past weekend! Congrats to all of you: April, Shannon, Tory, and Kayla!

These girls have had so many fun times together throughout their senior year (and years past) and are ALWAYS making each other laugh.



They each have a special bond with the other three both individually and as a group. Lots of nicknames have been given over the years and I’m pretty sure they know each other’s habits inside and out. These four are such a tight group and will hands down be friends for the rest of their lives even after they part ways as college comes to an end.

We explored around the grounds and took lots of photos in spots they’ve visited hundreds of times! UNH has such a beautiful campus, even on a cloudy day.


We even sneaked a photo of Kayla and her boyfriend, Kevin. 😉

Our last stop on campus was the famous UNH mascot, the wildcat. The school’s motto is “It’s a great day to be a wildcat. – Every day is a great day to be a wildcat!” which was said many times throughout the commencement ceremony this past Saturday.

As incoming freshman, students are encouraged to rub the wildcat’s nose for luck during their four years on campus. It’s tradition to rub his nose again at the end of senior year for good fortune as they say goodbye to college and head out into the world!

These girls said a bittersweet goodbye to their off-campus apartment and the wildcat.


I wish you four all the luck in the world and know you’ll continue to be passionate and successful in all you do! You’ve put in so much time, effort, and made wonderful friendships along the way. Congrats on being college graduates!!  😀

Carousels and Commitment: A Six Flags Engagement Shoot

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Meet Kristi and Paul!

This beautiful couple had the amazing idea of doing their engagement session at Six Flags!! It doesn’t get more fun than amusement parks! Kristi’s father has worked for Six Flags for many years so Kristi and her brothers and sister grew up with the park. They even moved around the country to follow and support her dad’s career. Needless to say, Six Flags holds a special place in Kristi’s heart and now she gets to share it with Paul!

This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever done; I love amusement parks and Kristi and Paul are wonderful, friendly people. We started this session on the classic carousel.




There is something so fun about carousels no matter how old you get! It was fun photographing this ride because it moves so much that it was all about waiting for that perfect moment to click the shutter. After the carousel we began to explore the rest of the park.


Kristi and Paul are both successful young individuals. Kristi is in her last year of dental school and Paul is an engineer. I’d say this is a power couple in the making 😉



Time for some more rides! This ride is always a crowd-pleaser!

Next we came across a Slush Factory which Kristi’s dad added to this park. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a few photos with all of those vivid colors!

This next ride was one of my favorites to photograph. It was the closest thing to a ferris wheel at this particular Six Flags park. Plus, Kristi and Paul had the whole ride to themselves!



There were puddles left and right on this day but that didn’t stop us from going on rides or using the water to our advantage!


We had fun exploring the park. I loved the laid back feel of this session. It was awesome being able to snap photos whenever I saw a fun backdrop or something that inspired me to click the shutter at that particular spot.


These two are so sweet and full of smiles! They are always making each other laugh and telling funny stories that everyone can relate to. Love those genuine grins!


Time for a cotton candy break! This was good practice for when these two eat cake on their wedding day 😉  Kristi showed me some pictures of their wedding venue in Georgia and it is stunning!!! She and Paul are excited for cake testing, decorating, and trying amazing food to add to their wedding day menu!

Once everyone had satisfied their sweet tooth, the sun began to set and the park lit up! It was beautiful and gave the photos an entirely different feel.

After exploring the whole park, it was time to hit the carousel one last time. Kristi even snagged the one horse on the whole ride that looked to be vintage and a much more traditional style than all of the others.

Thanks for a wonderful day, Kristi and Paul! Can’t wait for part 2 of your engagement photos! Stay tuned, everyone! 😀


Sisters Gourmet Deli: Potential to Prosperity

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If you’re looking for gourmet lunch at an affordable price, look no further! Sisters Gourmet Deli is officially open for business!
Located at 15 Monument Square in Portland, ME, Sisters is the product of a long-time dream had by owner Michaela McVetty. Michaela has held ownership in many different restaurants but SGD is truly her baby. I personally have watched this deli transform from an empty shell, to a massive construction zone, to the beautiful and cheerful environment it is today. I’m here to show you this evolution!
In this blog will be three sections of photos that show the process of this transformation.

Back to the Beginning

About two months ago, Michaela signed the lease to this space. What used to be a waffle house, the unit had been vacant for over two full years. It’s crazy to think that a place in such a prime location, right in the middle of Monument Square, would sit untouched for so long! Michaela has a keen eye for potential and decided to go ahead and take a chance on this place. The first few days of demolition may seem daunting to some but this woman had a vision and wasted no time in making that vision come to life!

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Middle of the Mayhem

A few weeks later, major progress had been made. The waffle window decals were no more! I don’t think anyone was sad to see those go; Michaela spent HOURS scraping those off the window, inch by pesky inch. The paint had some updating and the new bar top really brightened up the space. Seriously, how cool is that design and those colors?! Michaela was super involved and hands-on in this reno. She’s not afraid to get dirty and put in some major elbow grease to get the job done! Her witty banter and natural camaraderie with carpenter Frank made even the construction zone environment fun and light-hearted. The polka dots were stripped from the walls and the lights were installed. Old appliances were sold to make room for new ones. It’s funny how the removal of old pieces and the installation of new ones can make such a huge difference to the space. All-in-all, progress was happening quickly and true excitement was setting in!

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Overjoyed for Open Doors

Opening day was a hit!! I arrived before the doors were officially open to photograph the final space. When I walked in I was floored! It was so bright and cheerful and had a homey vibe as well. The clean lines, bold but soft colors, and overall feel of the deli were so inviting! Plus, the smiling and excited staff in their patterned aprons just added to the charm 🙂
There is even an adorable outdoor space to sit and enjoy your meal. The outdoor space was super appealing to me because I love to people-watch! The area is perfectly located to enjoy Monument square, watch passersby and take in the cobblestones, statues, and architecture of historical Portland, ME.
Not only did the space turn out beautifully, the food is AMAZING. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food but many people are and there is something for everyone on this menu; whether you want adventurous options like the Two Little Pigs which has Dr. Pepper pork tenderloin, or the classic BLT, I heard nothing but positive feedback and reactions while I hung around for the day and photographed people enjoying their food and experience. I had the “Macintuscan” which was soooo good with the fresh green apples thrown into the mix! Their menu even includes gluten-free options! Also, Michaela made it a point to partner with local companies in regards to her sides and beverages. All options are locally sourced and support other Maine businesses which is another achievement of Michaela’s goal to not only make killer gourmet cuisine, but to support her fellow businesses in the community.

Overall, this place is just adorable!

It was so fun photographing the physical metamorphosis of this company over the past few months. So many people have come together to make this place come to life and Michaela is an inspiring driving force behind it all! Wishing her and all her sisters, both biological and figurative, the best of luck in this new business venture! You’ll do great not only because of the awesome location and amazing food, but because you make every person who walks in feel welcome and like family!!

Ben, Bricks, and Bokeh


Ben and I met in a photography class a while back; we both wanted to learn more about our DSLR cameras and it was definitely a fun experience! During this session, it was time for Ben to be in front of the camera instead of behind the lens!


It was a gorgeous day out so we met up at Riverbank Park in Westbrook for these photos. Other than the playground area, this park is actually pretty quiet and peaceful. Normally there is a giant flock of ducks waiting around to be fed but they must have already filled their bellies this day and were off resting somewhere other than the park.

I love that this park is right on the river. It makes for a nice natural spot among the concrete of the city.


Ben and I explored different areas of the park in search of interesting backdrops for these photos.We talked a lot about composition and had fun playing around with different poses, lines, and angles! There was a metal boat dock that was cool to experiment with! Ben even did an exercise hold for a shot, supporting himself up on the dock ramp railings. He’s on a fitness kick and is doing well!

Time for some more poses and cool backgrounds! I love bricks and think they’re such a nice rough backdrop for photos – plus, they’re everywhere! It’s usually pretty quick and easy to find brick buildings around here.

Posing with the trees was hilarious! Sometimes it takes a few shots to find a relaxed and natural position for subjects. After some awkward positions (and laughs) we finally found what was comfortable for Ben! Sometimes I like to just let people walk to an area and instinctively settle into their own natural pose for portraits 🙂

This was definitely a fun time – it’s always cool to be able to chat about photography and all of its intricate aspects with someone while we shoot. Thanks again for meeting up with me, Ben! Enjoy the photos and keep flashing that smile!