Carousels and Commitment: A Six Flags Engagement Shoot

Meet Kristi and Paul!

This beautiful couple had the amazing idea of doing their engagement session at Six Flags!! It doesn’t get more fun than amusement parks! Kristi’s father has worked for Six Flags for many years so Kristi and her brothers and sister grew up with the park. They even moved around the country to follow and support her dad’s career. Needless to say, Six Flags holds a special place in Kristi’s heart and now she gets to share it with Paul!

This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever done; I love amusement parks and Kristi and Paul are wonderful, friendly people. We started this session on the classic carousel.




There is something so fun about carousels no matter how old you get! It was fun photographing this ride because it moves so much that it was all about waiting for that perfect moment to click the shutter. After the carousel we began to explore the rest of the park.


Kristi and Paul are both successful young individuals. Kristi is in her last year of dental school and Paul is an engineer. I’d say this is a power couple in the making 😉



Time for some more rides! This ride is always a crowd-pleaser!

Next we came across a Slush Factory which Kristi’s dad added to this park. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a few photos with all of those vivid colors!

This next ride was one of my favorites to photograph. It was the closest thing to a ferris wheel at this particular Six Flags park. Plus, Kristi and Paul had the whole ride to themselves!



There were puddles left and right on this day but that didn’t stop us from going on rides or using the water to our advantage!


We had fun exploring the park. I loved the laid back feel of this session. It was awesome being able to snap photos whenever I saw a fun backdrop or something that inspired me to click the shutter at that particular spot.


These two are so sweet and full of smiles! They are always making each other laugh and telling funny stories that everyone can relate to. Love those genuine grins!


Time for a cotton candy break! This was good practice for when these two eat cake on their wedding day 😉  Kristi showed me some pictures of their wedding venue in Georgia and it is stunning!!! She and Paul are excited for cake testing, decorating, and trying amazing food to add to their wedding day menu!

Once everyone had satisfied their sweet tooth, the sun began to set and the park lit up! It was beautiful and gave the photos an entirely different feel.

After exploring the whole park, it was time to hit the carousel one last time. Kristi even snagged the one horse on the whole ride that looked to be vintage and a much more traditional style than all of the others.

Thanks for a wonderful day, Kristi and Paul! Can’t wait for part 2 of your engagement photos! Stay tuned, everyone! 😀


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