6 Makes Perfect

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I loved photographing this beautiful blended family of six on the Eastern Promenade in Portland! Erinn and Blaine are the most adorable engaged couple and have brought their four children together to form this energetic and charismatic family! Their kids are fantastic friends and it shines in how they play together and have that silly sibling banter. I had so much fun photographing the impromptu “silly faces” and sweet smiles of this bunch.

Erinn and Blaine are in the process of planning a destination wedding – how fun!! Their whole family will fly to paradise for what I’m sure will be an unforgettable wedding and then the kids will return home after a mini-vacation so mom and dad can enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon! I love that their whole family gets to not only “make it official” but also gets to have a fun vacation together weaved into the celebration – such a cool idea!

Congrats to the happy couple on your engagement and your wonderful family! Wishing you all many many years of happiness, silliness, and life-long memories!

Sand, Sea Shells, and a Surprise Proposal

Children, Couples, Engagement, Family, Portraits

This was SUCH a fun day for so many reasons! My friends Brittany and Andrew decided it was time their son, Desmond, make his first trip to the beach! Plus, this was Father’s Day of 2016 so it was a special way for this little family to spend the morning. Desmond loved the sand and had a blast collecting little beach treasures like sticks and shells. While Desmond was busy exploring, Andrew had a different mission:

The night before, Andrew had contacted me and told me he had a plan for this day – to PROPOSE to Brittany! I basically almost peed my pants with excitement! I know how perfect these two are together and have seen them go through ups and downs and always come out the other side stronger. I’ve seen them go through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood and just know they are meant to be together ’til the end and beyond! Needless to say, I was SO ready to take on the task of capturing this proposal on camera!

Brittany had brought a picture frame to the beach to use as a photo prop which was the perfect way to grab some photos of just Brittany and Andrew down by the water. Little Des played beside me in the sand while Andrew went and positioned himself to pop the question! I could ramble on but it’s so much better to see the story play out in photos:




Such a perfect family and a perfect day! Brittany was in shock but then cracked everyone up when she jumped into Andrew’s arms with joy! She was tickled that Andrew selflessly used his Father’s Day of all days to propose! I wonder if Des will be the ring bearer 😉 I better get an invite to your wedding haha – can’t wait to see you two tie the knot! Will be a day to remember for sure, just like this one! Could not be more honored to have been there for this moment! Love you guys ❤

Fiancés and Furry Friends

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This past spring, I had such a fun engagement session with future husband and wife, Paul and Kristi, at Six Flags! (view that session here) Once summer weather arrived, it was time for part two of capturing this couple’s love! Their fur babies even joined in on the fun!

We met up at Long Sands beach in York, ME for this beautiful pastel-colored session!

Seriously, how cute are these two? They are each fun-loving and adventurous as individuals; then when they’re together, they just mesh perfectly!

There was a clear favorite photo from part one of their engagement session involving their reflection in a puddle at the theme park. We wanted to somehow incorporate it into part 2! Could this location or this couple be any more beautiful? Nope!

Kristi and Paul love their fur babies as children which is awesome because, as those who know me are aware, I’m a crazy dog lady! HA! Needless to say, I was thrilled to have their furry children, Teddy and Graham, join in on the engagement-photo fun!

Look at these lovable goofballs – they just love to play!

Family photos 🙂

Ugh, the love! ❤

After the pups were tuckered out from romping around on the beach, we made our way up the coastline to Cape Neddick Lighthouse (also known as Nubble Lighthouse). How dreamy are Kristi and Paul looking out over the island?! It’s funny because you never know what people are thinking while taking these photos but I just love that these two have such a unique love. To me it’s like they are looking into the distance as they make plans for their future, while still living “in the here and now” and enjoying every moment!


These two are best friends, you can clearly see that just by being around them, but there is definitely a deep-seated love and determination for their commitment to one another. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to photograph their wedding next May, not only because I love photography and the intense, exhausting, wonderful demand for creativity that it requires, but also because I love when my clients become my friends and I get to witness the happiest, most beautiful moments of their lives! Here’s to T-270 days, you two! 😀

Shirley it’s a boy!

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There is nothing better than a new addition to a family, especially in the form of a brand new little baby! A little while ago my husband Mike and I took a little overnight trip to visit our family members Adam and Lauren who were expecting their first child! I say “were” because he has officially entered the world now – sweet little Oliver Grey Shirley! I cannot wait to take his newborn photos in a few days but that’ll be a future blog post. This one is all about when little Oliver was still in his momma’s belly!


Look at these beaming parents-to-be! These two have been through so much in their 13 years together, especially in regard to the journey of becoming parents. They are very open and honest about their struggles becoming pregnant but in the end it all worked out and they now have their perfect little boy, or “Little Man” as they fondly called him throughout pregnancy.

These two are ALWAYS making each other laugh and are the most down-to-earth couple you’ll ever meet. Little Oliver will grow up in a house filled with smiles, giggles, and more love than he could ever imagine!

I swear, when people talk about the “pregnancy glow,” it’s 100% true. I mean, look at momma Lauren; she is the perfect example!

Sweet little boy, safe in his momma’s embrace. I’m sure having him finally here in the world is a million times better, but Lauren has said many times she truly enjoyed pregnancy!


Dad-to-be Adam was just as excited! From listening to Lauren’s stories, it’s easy to gather that Adam was an amazing, supportive team member throughout the pregnancy and also the birth! It’s apparent in these photos that he loves Lauren more than anything and now gets to share that love with his son as well!

Oliver’s tiny shoes were adorable! It’s so crazy that babies come into this word as such tiny little beings and grow into strong, adult individuals in the blink of an eye. Of course, until then, there will be plenty of time to enjoy all the years in between!


Adam and Lauren live in a beautiful town in coastal Maine, hence the photos by the gorgeous open water near Algerian Coast. Once we left the shore, we drove around for a bit and they gave us a tour of the big island, the “fjord” (which I had to google), and a beautiful place called Asticou Gardens. The gardens were in full springtime bloom and were a stunning location for these photos.

Once we returned to Adam and Lauren’s house, I couldn’t resist getting some photos with their other “child,” Gracie the Great Dane. She is such a gentle giant and will make a wonderful big sister to baby Oliver!

I can’t say enough what a pleasure it was doing this session, especially for family because now I’ll get to see little Oliver grow up at every stage of his life!! Can’t wait to meet him ASAP! Thank you again to Adam and Lauren for hosting us overnight and visiting before and after this photo session! You were already amazing parents, even while Oliver was still cozy in his momma’s tummy, but now that he’s here, the second half of your journey begins! I have no doubts that this little boy will grow up in an amazing, loving, laughter-filled home! See you soon ❤ ❤

Romance and Rehearsals

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A few months ago I had the honor of photographing the rehearsal dinner for friends Deb and Justin’s wedding. It was so much fun!! The dinner venue was the adorable Freedom Cafe & Pub in Naples, ME. The restaurant is right on Long Lake which made for lovely outdoor views of the water and the boat docks. The event room inside the venue was decorated beautifully with flowers, lace, and unique burlap details!

The food was delicious and the excitement in the air was palpable as everyone laughed, mingled, and anticipated Deb and Justin’s wedding the next day!

We even slipped outside for some photos of Deb, Justin, and their bridal party by the water since the weather was perfect!

This was such a happy evening spent with friends and family who just adore the bride and groom! Deb and Justin are a perfect match; I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these two before and they are so comfortable and goofy with each other – you can tell they couldn’t be happier or more in love! I’m so thankful I got to be a part of this small part of their happily-ever-after story! Although I was unable to make it to their wedding the following day, I witnessed photos that were FULL of smiles, laughter, and happy tears!! Deb was a drop-dead GORGEOUS bride and Justin was so handsome in his tux as he waited for the love of his life to walk down the aisle! Wishing you two a lifetime and beyond of love and happiness! CONGRATS, Mr. and Mrs. Milair!

Carousels and Commitment: A Six Flags Engagement Shoot

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Meet Kristi and Paul!

This beautiful couple had the amazing idea of doing their engagement session at Six Flags!! It doesn’t get more fun than amusement parks! Kristi’s father has worked for Six Flags for many years so Kristi and her brothers and sister grew up with the park. They even moved around the country to follow and support her dad’s career. Needless to say, Six Flags holds a special place in Kristi’s heart and now she gets to share it with Paul!

This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever done; I love amusement parks and Kristi and Paul are wonderful, friendly people. We started this session on the classic carousel.




There is something so fun about carousels no matter how old you get! It was fun photographing this ride because it moves so much that it was all about waiting for that perfect moment to click the shutter. After the carousel we began to explore the rest of the park.


Kristi and Paul are both successful young individuals. Kristi is in her last year of dental school and Paul is an engineer. I’d say this is a power couple in the making 😉



Time for some more rides! This ride is always a crowd-pleaser!

Next we came across a Slush Factory which Kristi’s dad added to this park. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a few photos with all of those vivid colors!

This next ride was one of my favorites to photograph. It was the closest thing to a ferris wheel at this particular Six Flags park. Plus, Kristi and Paul had the whole ride to themselves!



There were puddles left and right on this day but that didn’t stop us from going on rides or using the water to our advantage!


We had fun exploring the park. I loved the laid back feel of this session. It was awesome being able to snap photos whenever I saw a fun backdrop or something that inspired me to click the shutter at that particular spot.


These two are so sweet and full of smiles! They are always making each other laugh and telling funny stories that everyone can relate to. Love those genuine grins!


Time for a cotton candy break! This was good practice for when these two eat cake on their wedding day 😉  Kristi showed me some pictures of their wedding venue in Georgia and it is stunning!!! She and Paul are excited for cake testing, decorating, and trying amazing food to add to their wedding day menu!

Once everyone had satisfied their sweet tooth, the sun began to set and the park lit up! It was beautiful and gave the photos an entirely different feel.

After exploring the whole park, it was time to hit the carousel one last time. Kristi even snagged the one horse on the whole ride that looked to be vintage and a much more traditional style than all of the others.

Thanks for a wonderful day, Kristi and Paul! Can’t wait for part 2 of your engagement photos! Stay tuned, everyone! 😀


A Walk In The Woods

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Meet the future Milair Family!

Debbie is a childhood friend of mine and we thought it would be fun to get together for one last photoshoot before she and her fiancé Justin get married NEXT MONTH! How exciting! They brought their adorable fur baby, Tucker along for the day and he just loved the woods.


These two are such an outdoorsy and active couple! Our shoot was midday and by the time we started they had already been out to breakfast together and played disc golf all morning! They told me that the disc golf course they frequent allows dogs along but Tucker LOVES frisbees so they might not score any points if he joined in the competition, haha!


This family of three is just too cute! Debbie and Justin are the perfect match and Tucker fits right in. I love that goofy doggy grin and how much his parents adore him!


These two are so so so excited for their wedding day. It is coming up SO quickly! Debbie is a school teacher so their wedding and honeymoon next month will be a fantastic way to kick off summer vacation. How fun!

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is capturing the connection between people. I love when you can look at a photo and instantly tell how much two people care about one another. These two are always smiling together!

This doggy is proud to have parents that love each other so much!

Towards the end of our walk, Tucker discovered a little brook and decided it was time to jump in! Here’s a little slideshow of him having fun cooling off:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Hey Tucker, do you want a TREAT?!”

What a fun day with this lovely family; it is always a pleasure visiting with friends and catching up on the news of their lives. Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Time to walk off into the (midday) “sunset” 😉


Cobbs By The Beach

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Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous spring day!! I met my college friends Amy and Tyler at Maine’s famous Fort Williams Park for a photo session. It could not have been more perfect weather. This family’s two sweet fur babies, Ellie and Mace even came along for the day!

The dogs were sooo excited to be outside in the sunshine. I think in this photo they’re having a race to see who can reach me first!


I love Fort Williams for so many different reasons but from a photographer’s perspective this place is even more amazing. There are so many different textures and colors around with the forts, beach, grass… the list goes on! I’m a huge fan of rough or even “ugly” backgrounds when it comes to portraits because of how well they contrast with human skin and even colorful clothing!

After some time spent in the woods, it was time to switch it up and head down to the beach! The cool thing about these beaches is that there is no sand! The rocks and pebbles are all smooth because of the tides and constant waves of sea water. Amy and Ty had the perfect outfits on for this setting! Amy is a pro in heels so that definitely didn’t slow her down! At one point I had these two walk through some rough patches and even in her heels Amy said, “Oh, don’t worry, I live for stuff like this!” Haha!

Seriously, these two are ridiculously photogenic!! Makes my job easy 😉 They are just such happy people and are always making each other laugh; there is nothing better than candid smiles!!


Mace and Ellie weren’t huge fans of the rocks but they were troopers. Look at those puppy grins! I just love photographing people’s pets – they’re 100% part of the family and it’s awesome when they’re involved in creating these memories!


After the doggies had modeled, they got to go relax in the cool, shady car while we explored the trail to the lighthouse.

Behold, Portland Head Light! There is something so iconic about this lighthouse that just draws people to it. It’s so charming and is kept in beautiful shape. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a classic shot.


True love is filled with laughter and romance! My husband and I attended Amy and Ty’s wedding last fall and it was perfect!! These two are clearly meant to be together.


What an awesome day filled with friends, fun, and photos!! Thank you both for being such amazing models and spending some time in the sunshine with me! Can’t wait to see you again soon 😀

Ashley and Josh – A Stroll Through Portland

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Last weekend I had an awesome opportunity to photograph some friends in the city! I’ve lived within a 10 mile radius of Portland, ME for all of my life and even lived in the city for a summer a few years back. I’ve driven through Portland so many times I couldn’t count but I’d never really taken the time to explore the city itself, even during my short time living there. The day before shooting I got in my car and just drove. I pretty much drove through every street downtown and the full length of the shipyard. Portland has its “tourist-y” parts but, as its residents will tell you, there is beauty in every single nook and cranny of that city! I went home inspired and woke up the following day ready to shoot!

Meet Ashley and Josh!

Happy 5 year anniversary to these two lovebirds!

I met Ashley when I worked for dressbarn. She was my store manager and boy did we have some good times! She knows I’m not a morning person and we had many “moments of silence” on the mornings we worked together so I could wake up. What a good boss 🙂 Ashley figured out that I’m a zombie in the morning pretty quick and I figured out how much this girl lovesss fashion and also loves to cook and be super inventive with food! (P.S. she has an amazing instagram page for her edible creations! @nibblenoshnourish)

Well, Josh must be the perfect man for Ashley because he’s a chef!! He’s also a local artist and has showed his work in Portland’s famous First Friday Artwalk. These two told me their anniversary is technically on Valentine’s Day but since they’re not into an explosion of pink and eating enough candy for the next year, they pre-celebrated how? With a home-cooked six course meal! YUM! I’m sure these two have lots of memories together in the kitchen but we wanted to capture some memories in the city they love as well!

We started our shoot in this random off-the-beaten-path area I discovered during my adventure the previous day. This place was great! We were right by the water with an industrial bridge, beach rocks, old broken bricks, and the Casco Bay Bridge gracing the skyline. The bridge even lifted for us while we were snapping pictures!

I loved the way this well-dressed couple contrasted with the harsh landscape. Plus, Ashley’s red hair look is on fire! (pun intended)


Love the way she looks at him…


…and the way he looks at her! Can’t you just feel the connection between these two?


Strolling the streets of Portland


Now, Ash and Josh are true Portlanders and know all the cool spots in town. We visited the “free wall” which is a place for local graffiti artists to display their work. Artists play off of each other’s pieces and the whole wall just works! I was in love with the flow and obviously the color palette. Josh even had his signature Bard coffee in hand.


We ended our shoot by visiting a local used book store which is one of these two’s favorite places to go. Both Ashley and Josh are bookworms – Josh was too funny getting distracted by books so we perused the shelves and got some cool indoor shots with a different vibe.


These two are just perfect together and I had the best time visiting with them and getting to capture a few moments in their life together. Ashley and Josh, thank you for sharing this experience with me and letting me capture your love! Here’s to many more years together! And hey, maybe next time we’ll bring the cats 😉