Seniors – Class of 2017

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High school is such a formative time in the lives of young adults. I am always honored to photograph senior portraits of soon-to-be graduates. It is a welcomed challenge to capture each individual’s personality at this stage in his or her life, just before “the future” begins!



Henry was a pleasure to photograph! He is such a sweet, genuine guy and has a great sense of humor. His senior photo session at Kettle Cove was full of witty jokes and thoughts about what his future holds. He said he can’t believe how fast senior year crept up on him but is enjoying every moment and is excited for the next phase of life! His “calm, cool, and collected” personality is a sign that he will take whatever life throws at him and turn it into something great! Henry seems to know exactly who he is and embraces every moment of what life has to offer!



Lilly is the eldest child of a family that I have been a nanny for for years. I met her when she was just 11 years old and I can’t believe she’s now a senior in high school! It was a blast to be able to take her senior portraits at a beach we have visited so many times over the years.

I have absolutely loved watching this energetic, silly, intelligent little girl grow into a stunning young women with the world at her feet! I have zero doubts that she will create her own path to success and happiness and lead such a fulfilling life. I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for her and what she has in store for the world! Love this girl always. I’m so looking forward to watching her continue to shine!



Hannah is another beautiful young woman that I have been able to watch grow over the last 5 or 6 years! A friend of Lilly’s, these girls grew up together and are now so close to graduation even if it may seem like a lifetime away!

Hannah is truly one of the kindest teenagers I’ve ever met and really does have a heart of gold. She is always smiling and adores her family – her little sister Abby even hopped in for a sister photo! Fort Williams was the perfect place for Hannah’s senior session with the gorgeous natural scenery and, of course, the ocean nearby. Hannah will definitely make a difference no matter what path she chooses to take in life! Here’s to the future and finding what makes you love waking up each and every morning!

It sounds so cliché but I really can say that the best advice I could ever give to those just starting out on the journey of life is to do what you LOVE and love what you do! Don’t blink, make memories, and take lots of photos! 😉 Good luck Class of 2017!

Kaneki and Kagune – Ida’s Cosplay



This was one of my all-time FAVORITE sessions to ever photograph! I was absolutely inspired by Ida’s cosplay creations and had this insane urge to capture them on camera the moment I saw them! I was blown away by her talent and creativity, not to mention the dedication it takes to create these masterpiece costumes!

This particular cosplay was a “gender-bend” of a male character, Ken Kaneki from the Japanese manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. I had a blast learning about the story-line and how Ida really brought this character to life! The red extremities are called a Kagune which I learned is actually a weapon that this character has protrude from his body.

The whole concept just fascinated me. To this day I still say this was one of my favorite sessions yet! I loved that I could get more dramatic with my editing and really bring out the vibrancy that Ida worked so hard to achieve in this cosplay.

Props to Ida! Plus, this is only one of many cosplays that she’s done for conventions across New England! She even has a cosplay Instagram account – Check out more of her creations here: Instagram

6 Makes Perfect

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I loved photographing this beautiful blended family of six on the Eastern Promenade in Portland! Erinn and Blaine are the most adorable engaged couple and have brought their four children together to form this energetic and charismatic family! Their kids are fantastic friends and it shines in how they play together and have that silly sibling banter. I had so much fun photographing the impromptu “silly faces” and sweet smiles of this bunch.

Erinn and Blaine are in the process of planning a destination wedding – how fun!! Their whole family will fly to paradise for what I’m sure will be an unforgettable wedding and then the kids will return home after a mini-vacation so mom and dad can enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon! I love that their whole family gets to not only “make it official” but also gets to have a fun vacation together weaved into the celebration – such a cool idea!

Congrats to the happy couple on your engagement and your wonderful family! Wishing you all many many years of happiness, silliness, and life-long memories!

Sand, Sea Shells, and a Surprise Proposal

Children, Couples, Engagement, Family, Portraits

This was SUCH a fun day for so many reasons! My friends Brittany and Andrew decided it was time their son, Desmond, make his first trip to the beach! Plus, this was Father’s Day of 2016 so it was a special way for this little family to spend the morning. Desmond loved the sand and had a blast collecting little beach treasures like sticks and shells. While Desmond was busy exploring, Andrew had a different mission:

The night before, Andrew had contacted me and told me he had a plan for this day – to PROPOSE to Brittany! I basically almost peed my pants with excitement! I know how perfect these two are together and have seen them go through ups and downs and always come out the other side stronger. I’ve seen them go through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood and just know they are meant to be together ’til the end and beyond! Needless to say, I was SO ready to take on the task of capturing this proposal on camera!

Brittany had brought a picture frame to the beach to use as a photo prop which was the perfect way to grab some photos of just Brittany and Andrew down by the water. Little Des played beside me in the sand while Andrew went and positioned himself to pop the question! I could ramble on but it’s so much better to see the story play out in photos:




Such a perfect family and a perfect day! Brittany was in shock but then cracked everyone up when she jumped into Andrew’s arms with joy! She was tickled that Andrew selflessly used his Father’s Day of all days to propose! I wonder if Des will be the ring bearer 😉 I better get an invite to your wedding haha – can’t wait to see you two tie the knot! Will be a day to remember for sure, just like this one! Could not be more honored to have been there for this moment! Love you guys ❤

Baby Boy Bump

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This was such a beautiful late-summer day with parents-to-be Casey and Kevin. We went to the Maine Audubon Gardens in Falmouth which was the perfect setting for these maternity photos! Casey and Kevin have since welcomed their baby boy, Spencer into their family and he is just the cutest!

I remember how excited they were on this day to get these photos done and even more excited for their baby boy to arrive! Even “big brother” Trigger the Rottweiler was excited for baby Spencer to make his way into the world.

There is nothing more beautiful than bringing life into this world and all of the anticipation that goes along with it!

Congratulations to Casey and Kevin on your new addition! You make an adorable family and I can’t wait to see pictures of little Spencer as he grows from a newborn into a sweet little boy!

Fiancés and Furry Friends

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This past spring, I had such a fun engagement session with future husband and wife, Paul and Kristi, at Six Flags! (view that session here) Once summer weather arrived, it was time for part two of capturing this couple’s love! Their fur babies even joined in on the fun!

We met up at Long Sands beach in York, ME for this beautiful pastel-colored session!

Seriously, how cute are these two? They are each fun-loving and adventurous as individuals; then when they’re together, they just mesh perfectly!

There was a clear favorite photo from part one of their engagement session involving their reflection in a puddle at the theme park. We wanted to somehow incorporate it into part 2! Could this location or this couple be any more beautiful? Nope!

Kristi and Paul love their fur babies as children which is awesome because, as those who know me are aware, I’m a crazy dog lady! HA! Needless to say, I was thrilled to have their furry children, Teddy and Graham, join in on the engagement-photo fun!

Look at these lovable goofballs – they just love to play!

Family photos 🙂

Ugh, the love! ❤

After the pups were tuckered out from romping around on the beach, we made our way up the coastline to Cape Neddick Lighthouse (also known as Nubble Lighthouse). How dreamy are Kristi and Paul looking out over the island?! It’s funny because you never know what people are thinking while taking these photos but I just love that these two have such a unique love. To me it’s like they are looking into the distance as they make plans for their future, while still living “in the here and now” and enjoying every moment!


These two are best friends, you can clearly see that just by being around them, but there is definitely a deep-seated love and determination for their commitment to one another. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to photograph their wedding next May, not only because I love photography and the intense, exhausting, wonderful demand for creativity that it requires, but also because I love when my clients become my friends and I get to witness the happiest, most beautiful moments of their lives! Here’s to T-270 days, you two! 😀

Gathering Winds Farm – Minis!

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A little over a month ago I did a special on Mini Sessions. I was lucky enough to have a friend, Stacey, graciously offer her farm’s apple orchard as the setting for these shoots! It was GORGEOUS! The apple trees were in full bloom and Stacey said that normally only lasts about a week before the blossoms start falling in preparation for apple season – what perfect timing!! I’ve always been in love with the dreamy feel of apple blossoms and cherry blossoms, especially when there are hundreds of trees! THANK YOU STACEY!! Gathering Winds Farm is just beautiful – plus Stacey and her family have lots of neat farm pets 😉

Here’s a look at some of the shots from all of the wonderful families that came out for the day:

Bsullak Family (at their own farm!)



Whidden Family




Buckley Family





Roberts Family



This was such a fun day filled with such fantastic groups of people! I thank each and every one of you for making me smile, laugh, and love what I do even more! I thoroughly enjoy photographing families and the love they share among parents, children, spouses, siblings, and even extended family. To be able to capture these moments, especially while kids are growing SO fast, is something I cherish every day!


Shout out again to Gathering Winds Farm!

Hope to see you all again in the future! 🙂

Blaises at Bates

Children, Family, Portraits

What a gorgeous day! The Blais family chose to have their family portraits done at Bates College which was such an awesome location! I had never been to the Bates campus before and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised at what a beautiful area it was.

Meet the Blais family:


This family was referred to me by a mutual friend and I’m so glad they contacted me for this session – they are such a fun bunch! I absolutely loved that three different generations were present for this session.


The kids,  Audrey and Cam, were so cute during this shoot. They are cousins and you can tell they are wonderful playmates and the best of friends!

They loved sitting close to the water watching a little family of ducks in the pond.


We explored all over campus and found some beautiful backdrops for photos. I think we were all happy to be outside enjoying such gorgeous weather!


These parents sure do love their little ones! There was lots of play and laughter throughout our session and candid photos are the best!

Brittany and Sam are such fun-loving women; they were all smiles and had some silly moments that are always fun to capture!

Helping the kiddos climb a tree!

These grandparents sure do adore their grand-kids!



What an awesome day with this fun and friendly group!! Thank you all for a wonderful session! 😀

Bye Bye, College!


A few weeks ago I made the trip down to the University of New Hampshire to photograph these four college roommates before they graduated with their Bachelor’s Degrees, which they all did this past weekend! Congrats to all of you: April, Shannon, Tory, and Kayla!

These girls have had so many fun times together throughout their senior year (and years past) and are ALWAYS making each other laugh.



They each have a special bond with the other three both individually and as a group. Lots of nicknames have been given over the years and I’m pretty sure they know each other’s habits inside and out. These four are such a tight group and will hands down be friends for the rest of their lives even after they part ways as college comes to an end.

We explored around the grounds and took lots of photos in spots they’ve visited hundreds of times! UNH has such a beautiful campus, even on a cloudy day.


We even sneaked a photo of Kayla and her boyfriend, Kevin. 😉

Our last stop on campus was the famous UNH mascot, the wildcat. The school’s motto is “It’s a great day to be a wildcat. – Every day is a great day to be a wildcat!” which was said many times throughout the commencement ceremony this past Saturday.

As incoming freshman, students are encouraged to rub the wildcat’s nose for luck during their four years on campus. It’s tradition to rub his nose again at the end of senior year for good fortune as they say goodbye to college and head out into the world!

These girls said a bittersweet goodbye to their off-campus apartment and the wildcat.


I wish you four all the luck in the world and know you’ll continue to be passionate and successful in all you do! You’ve put in so much time, effort, and made wonderful friendships along the way. Congrats on being college graduates!!  😀

Carousels and Commitment: A Six Flags Engagement Shoot

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Meet Kristi and Paul!

This beautiful couple had the amazing idea of doing their engagement session at Six Flags!! It doesn’t get more fun than amusement parks! Kristi’s father has worked for Six Flags for many years so Kristi and her brothers and sister grew up with the park. They even moved around the country to follow and support her dad’s career. Needless to say, Six Flags holds a special place in Kristi’s heart and now she gets to share it with Paul!

This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve ever done; I love amusement parks and Kristi and Paul are wonderful, friendly people. We started this session on the classic carousel.




There is something so fun about carousels no matter how old you get! It was fun photographing this ride because it moves so much that it was all about waiting for that perfect moment to click the shutter. After the carousel we began to explore the rest of the park.


Kristi and Paul are both successful young individuals. Kristi is in her last year of dental school and Paul is an engineer. I’d say this is a power couple in the making 😉



Time for some more rides! This ride is always a crowd-pleaser!

Next we came across a Slush Factory which Kristi’s dad added to this park. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a few photos with all of those vivid colors!

This next ride was one of my favorites to photograph. It was the closest thing to a ferris wheel at this particular Six Flags park. Plus, Kristi and Paul had the whole ride to themselves!



There were puddles left and right on this day but that didn’t stop us from going on rides or using the water to our advantage!


We had fun exploring the park. I loved the laid back feel of this session. It was awesome being able to snap photos whenever I saw a fun backdrop or something that inspired me to click the shutter at that particular spot.


These two are so sweet and full of smiles! They are always making each other laugh and telling funny stories that everyone can relate to. Love those genuine grins!


Time for a cotton candy break! This was good practice for when these two eat cake on their wedding day 😉  Kristi showed me some pictures of their wedding venue in Georgia and it is stunning!!! She and Paul are excited for cake testing, decorating, and trying amazing food to add to their wedding day menu!

Once everyone had satisfied their sweet tooth, the sun began to set and the park lit up! It was beautiful and gave the photos an entirely different feel.

After exploring the whole park, it was time to hit the carousel one last time. Kristi even snagged the one horse on the whole ride that looked to be vintage and a much more traditional style than all of the others.

Thanks for a wonderful day, Kristi and Paul! Can’t wait for part 2 of your engagement photos! Stay tuned, everyone! 😀