Kaneki and Kagune – Ida’s Cosplay


This was one of my all-time FAVORITE sessions to ever photograph! I was absolutely inspired by Ida’s cosplay creations and had this insane urge to capture them on camera the moment I saw them! I was blown away by her talent and creativity, not to mention the dedication it takes to create these masterpiece costumes!

This particular cosplay was a “gender-bend” of a male character, Ken Kaneki from the Japanese manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. I had a blast learning about the story-line and how Ida really brought this character to life! The red extremities are called a Kagune which I learned is actually a weapon that this character has protrude from his body.

The whole concept just fascinated me. To this day I still say this was one of my favorite sessions yet! I loved that I could get more dramatic with my editing and really bring out the vibrancy that Ida worked so hard to achieve in this cosplay.

Props to Ida! Plus, this is only one of many cosplays that she’s done for conventions across New England! She even has a cosplay Instagram account – Check out more of her creations here: Instagram

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