Bye Bye, College!

A few weeks ago I made the trip down to the University of New Hampshire to photograph these four college roommates before they graduated with their Bachelor’s Degrees, which they all did this past weekend! Congrats to all of you: April, Shannon, Tory, and Kayla!

These girls have had so many fun times together throughout their senior year (and years past) and are ALWAYS making each other laugh.



They each have a special bond with the other three both individually and as a group. Lots of nicknames have been given over the years and I’m pretty sure they know each other’s habits inside and out. These four are such a tight group and will hands down be friends for the rest of their lives even after they part ways as college comes to an end.

We explored around the grounds and took lots of photos in spots they’ve visited hundreds of times! UNH has such a beautiful campus, even on a cloudy day.


We even sneaked a photo of Kayla and her boyfriend, Kevin. 😉

Our last stop on campus was the famous UNH mascot, the wildcat. The school’s motto is “It’s a great day to be a wildcat. – Every day is a great day to be a wildcat!” which was said many times throughout the commencement ceremony this past Saturday.

As incoming freshman, students are encouraged to rub the wildcat’s nose for luck during their four years on campus. It’s tradition to rub his nose again at the end of senior year for good fortune as they say goodbye to college and head out into the world!

These girls said a bittersweet goodbye to their off-campus apartment and the wildcat.


I wish you four all the luck in the world and know you’ll continue to be passionate and successful in all you do! You’ve put in so much time, effort, and made wonderful friendships along the way. Congrats on being college graduates!!  😀

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