Sisters Gourmet Deli: Potential to Prosperity

If you’re looking for gourmet lunch at an affordable price, look no further! Sisters Gourmet DeliĀ is officially open for business!
Located at 15 Monument Square in Portland, ME, Sisters is the product of a long-time dream had by owner Michaela McVetty. Michaela has held ownership in many different restaurants but SGD is truly her baby. I personally have watched this deli transform from an empty shell, to a massive construction zone, to the beautiful and cheerful environment it is today. I’m here to show you this evolution!
In this blog will be three sections of photos that show the process of this transformation.

Back to the Beginning

About two months ago, Michaela signed the lease to this space. What used to be a waffle house, the unit had been vacant for over two full years. It’s crazy to think that a place in such a prime location, right in the middle of Monument Square, would sit untouched for so long! Michaela has a keen eye for potential and decided to go ahead and take a chance on this place. The first few days of demolition may seem daunting to some but this woman had a vision and wasted no time in making that vision come to life!

Middle of the Mayhem

A few weeks later, major progress had been made. The waffle window decals were no more! I don’t think anyone was sad to see those go; Michaela spent HOURS scraping those off the window, inch by pesky inch. The paint had some updating and the new bar top really brightened up the space. Seriously, how cool is that design and those colors?! Michaela was super involved and hands-on in this reno. She’s not afraid to get dirty and put in some major elbow grease to get the job done! Her witty banter and natural camaraderie with carpenter Frank made even the construction zone environment fun and light-hearted. The polka dots were stripped from the walls and the lights were installed. Old appliances were sold to make room for new ones. It’s funny how the removal of old pieces and the installation of new ones can make such a huge difference to the space. All-in-all, progress was happening quickly and true excitement was setting in!

Overjoyed for Open Doors

Opening day was a hit!! I arrived before the doors were officially open to photograph the final space. When I walked in I was floored! It was so bright and cheerful and had a homey vibe as well. The clean lines, bold but soft colors, and overall feel of the deli were so inviting! Plus, the smiling and excited staff in their patterned aprons just added to the charm šŸ™‚
There is even an adorable outdoor space to sit and enjoy your meal. The outdoor space was super appealing to me because I love to people-watch! The area is perfectly located to enjoy Monument square, watch passersby and take in the cobblestones, statues, and architecture of historical Portland, ME.
Not only did the space turn out beautifully, the food is AMAZING. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food but many people are and there is something for everyone on this menu; whether you want adventurous options like the Two Little Pigs which has Dr. Pepper pork tenderloin, or the classic BLT, I heard nothing but positive feedback and reactions while I hung around for the day and photographed people enjoying their food and experience. I had the “Macintuscan” which was soooo good with the fresh green apples thrown into the mix! Their menuĀ even includes gluten-free options! Also, Michaela made it a point to partner with local companies in regards to her sides and beverages. All options are locally sourced and support other MaineĀ businesses which is another achievementĀ of Michaela’s goalĀ to not only make killer gourmet cuisine, but to support her fellow businesses in the community.

Overall, this place is just adorable!

It was so fun photographing the physical metamorphosis of this company over the past few months. So many people have come together to make this place come to life and Michaela is an inspiring driving force behind it all! Wishing her and all her sisters, both biological and figurative, the best of luck in this new business venture! You’ll do great not only because of the awesome location and amazing food, but because you make every person who walks in feel welcome and like family!!

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