Easygoing Eva

I’m so far behind on blog posts! Time to catch up!

Over a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing the newborn daughter of one of my coworkers, Sara. This session was so fun because I got to see Sara progress through her pregnancy every day at work and hear so many funny stories about her experience! There was a surprise lunch planned for her as sort of a “baby celebration” but Baby Girl decided to make her appearance earlier than expected!

Meet Geneva, “Eva” for short!

I swear Eva was the most laid-back newborn I’ve ever photographed, hence the title of this blog post! She was only 11 days old at the time of this session and slept peacefully for almost the whole shoot. She did open her eyes a few times to gaze around but never made a peep!

What a gorgeous baby girl! Geneva has lots of dark hair like her mom right now but you never know… Eva’s older sister, Ari, has much lighter locks.



Ari is such an energetic little girl. She’s definitely very curious and smart as can be! We were discussing our favorite colors and I said mine was “orange like the sun” (meaning that color it turns during sunset) and she instantly called me out on it – “The sun is YELLOW, silly, not orange!” Haha, she got me there! I conceded and told her “Oh, you’re right! How could I have been so silly?!” She’s one smart cookie and sure does love her new baby sister!


Mom, Sara and Dad, Jared are also smitten with this new little cutie and she is right at home in their arms!

Even though sweet baby Eva gets lots of snuggles and lovin’, “Princess Ari,” as her family fondly calls her, still laughs, plays, and gets lots of love and snuggles of her own!

What a perfect little family!


You can truly feel the happiness surrounding this bunch. Wishing Sara and Jared many years of joy raising these two beautiful little girls!!



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