Mini Session for Mini Reese

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Little Reese was only five weeks old when we did this fun little mini shoot! She and her parents live very close to this beautiful field that was the perfect backdrop for these sunny shots!

Reese is so loved and is such a sweet little girl! She was on the verge of a nap during her mini session which made for these peaceful sleeping poses as well as some “waking up” shots with her big dreamy eyes.


I just love love love photos of babies’ hands, feet, hair, and all of their little features!

Reese’s mom, Nicole, brought these awesome balloons to the shoot! They made for a cool, soft prop to add to these photos ūüôā

Okay, time for a real nap all snuggled up with Mom! Such a cutie!

Thanks to Nicole and her growing family for coming out for this fun mini session! See future blog posts of little Reese and her cousins, coming soon!

Shirley it’s a boy!

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There is nothing better than a¬†new addition to a family, especially in the form of a brand new little baby! A little while ago my husband Mike and I took a little overnight trip to visit¬†our family members¬†Adam and Lauren who were expecting their first child! I say “were” because he has officially entered the world now – sweet little Oliver Grey Shirley! I cannot wait to take his newborn photos in a few days but that’ll be a future blog post. This one is all about when little Oliver was still in his momma’s belly!


Look at these beaming parents-to-be! These two¬†have been through so much in their 13 years together, especially in¬†regard to¬†the journey of¬†becoming parents. They are very open and honest about their¬†struggles becoming¬†pregnant but in the end it all worked out and they now have their perfect little boy, or “Little Man” as they fondly called him throughout pregnancy.

These two are ALWAYS making each other laugh and are the most down-to-earth couple you’ll ever meet. Little Oliver will grow up in a house filled with smiles, giggles, and more love than he could ever imagine!

I swear, when people talk about the “pregnancy glow,” it’s 100% true. I mean, look at momma Lauren; she is the perfect example!

Sweet little boy, safe in his momma’s embrace. I’m sure¬†having him finally here in the world is a million times better, but Lauren has said many times she truly enjoyed pregnancy!


Dad-to-be Adam was just as excited! From¬†listening to Lauren’s stories, it’s easy to gather that Adam was an amazing, supportive team member throughout the pregnancy and also the birth! It’s apparent in these photos that he loves Lauren more than anything and now gets to share that love with his son as well!

Oliver’s tiny shoes were adorable! It’s so crazy that babies come into this word as such tiny little beings and grow into strong, adult individuals in the blink of an eye.¬†Of course, until then,¬†there will be plenty of time to enjoy all the years in between!


Adam and Lauren live in a beautiful town in coastal Maine, hence the photos by the gorgeous open water¬†near Algerian Coast.¬†Once we left the shore, we drove around for a bit and they gave us a tour of the big island,¬†the “fjord” (which I had to google), and a beautiful place called Asticou Gardens. The gardens were in full springtime bloom and were a stunning location for these photos.

Once we returned to Adam and Lauren’s house, I couldn’t resist getting some photos with their other “child,” Gracie the Great Dane. She is such a gentle giant and will make a wonderful big sister to baby Oliver!

I can’t say enough what a pleasure it was doing this session, especially for family because now I’ll get to see little Oliver grow up at every stage of his life!! Can’t wait to meet him ASAP! Thank you again to Adam and Lauren for hosting us overnight and visiting before and after this photo session! You were already amazing parents, even while Oliver was still cozy in his momma’s tummy, but now that he’s here, the second half of your¬†journey begins! I have no doubts that this little boy will grow up in an amazing, loving, laughter-filled home! See you soon ‚̧ ‚̧

Easygoing Eva

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I’m so far behind on blog posts! Time to catch up!

Over a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing the newborn daughter of one of my coworkers, Sara. This session¬†was so fun because I got to see Sara progress through her pregnancy every day at work and hear so many funny stories about her experience! There was a surprise lunch planned for her¬†as sort of a “baby celebration” but Baby Girl decided to make her appearance earlier than expected!

Meet Geneva, “Eva” for short!

I swear Eva was the most laid-back newborn I’ve ever photographed, hence the title of this blog post! She was only 11 days old at the time of this session and slept peacefully for almost the whole shoot. She did open her eyes a few times to gaze around but never made a peep!

What a gorgeous baby girl! Geneva has lots of dark hair like her mom right now but you never know… Eva’s older sister, Ari, has much lighter locks.



Ari is such an energetic little girl. She’s definitely very curious and smart as can be! We were discussing our favorite colors and I said mine was “orange like the sun” (meaning that color it turns during sunset) and she instantly called me out on it – “The sun is YELLOW, silly, not orange!” Haha, she got me there! I conceded and told her “Oh, you’re right! How could I have been so¬†silly?!” She’s one smart cookie and sure does love her new baby sister!


Mom, Sara and Dad, Jared are also smitten with this new little cutie and she is right at home in their arms!

Even though sweet baby Eva gets lots of snuggles and lovin’, “Princess Ari,” as her family fondly¬†calls her, still laughs, plays, and gets lots of love and snuggles of her own!

What a perfect little family!


You can truly feel the happiness surrounding this bunch. Wishing Sara and Jared many years of joy raising these two beautiful little girls!!



Nathanael’s Story Begins


Meet precious little boy, Nathanael! He’s only ten days old!


Nathanael’s momma Jessica and I had the same major in college and even graduated together. Since graduation she met her husband, Anthony, gotten married, and given birth to¬†two baby boys! Nathanael’s twin, Quinn passed away before birth but is very loved by his family¬†and will live on in their hearts. His family has a beautiful wooden carving in his memory and Nathanael kept placing his hand on it all on his own as if he knew what it represented.

Nathanael was a natural model! Jess fed him and rocked him to sleep right before I arrived and he was so peaceful throughout my entire visit.


Below¬†is one of my favorite shots from our session. Look at that sleepy smile! I always wonder what babies are dreaming about… colors, sounds, their parents’ faces? Either way, this baby boy seemed to be enjoying his rest.


His parents are just head over heels in love with him! Nathanael’s daddy Anthony said that snuggling with this peanut is his absolute favorite part of the day. Momma¬†Jess is such a natural! This little boy loves to cuddle.

Jess said that grandma would be thrilled if we snapped some photos of baby’s little piggies. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who wasn’t obsessed with adorable baby feet.

Look at that hair! When his hat came off, Nathanael was ready to show off his dark Italian locks.

We migrated outside for a bit because it was such a gorgeous spring day. Bella, the family dog, loves loves loves to give big slobbery kisses to the new addition. She seems pumped to have a baby brother to watch over when she’s not busy chewing on a tasty stick.

Proud parents! Look at those grins!


Family photo time!


Congratulations to this beautiful bunch! I’m sure you will enjoy watching your son grow into a silly toddler, an active teenager, and a wonderful young man. Wishing you so many years of happiness with your growing family!

Welcome to the world, Audrey Rose

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Meet the family:

Helen is an old friend of mine from our time in middle school – we met way back in the sixth grade! We used to sleep over each other’s houses all the time. I remember loving her house because it was filled with artwork created by Helen and her little brother. There was a “secret” field through the woods that we used to visit often and spend hours talking and exploring.

She and her boyfriend Robert have known each other since those awkward pre-teen days. They first dated in eighth grade and had us all laughing telling the story of how they never kissed that first time around, except for a forehead kiss that was the result of a dare from a friend. Too funny! After all these years, Helen and Robert recently added to their family with a brand new little bundle of joy named Audrey Rose! This little family is the sweetest!


Helen and Robert were willing to travel all the way to my home to shoot some newborn photos; Audrey was only nine days old! She is the most precious little girl. She was very alert and expressive during our session and has these big gorgeous eyes that never stop exploring the world around her.


I’m always amazed at how much stamina babies have, not to mention how STRONG they are! Audrey is a very active little girl and was doing some hilarious movements with her arms and legs that kept us all laughing. She’s still extremely young so she even went cross-eyed a few times as new babies do while trying to focus those brand new eyes! Needless to say, this made for some adorable photos.

Speaking of cute photos, Audrey fought sleep for the longest time but after spending some snuggle time with her mommy, she gave in to those heavy eyelids and took a little snooze – she looks pretty comfortable to me!


These facial expressions crack me up! Audrey wasn’t so sure of me at first, I’m sure a big black camera lens in her face didn’t help, but she warmed right up and is the best snuggle buddy. In my book, there’s really not much better than cuddling with a brand new baby.


This was the one photo pose that Robert specifically requested – what a great idea! It took a few tries with those strong legs and wiggly feet but I love the end result! I think this would be a really cool pose to recreate over the years as Audrey’s feet grow.


Look at those little piggies! Is there anything cuter than baby feet?

What a great looking family!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Helen, Robert, and Audrey for letting me take these photos! It is always an honor to photograph these moments in the lives of others, especially during such a busy, hectic, but wonderful time!! Best wishes to your family, you are amazing parents and Audrey is absolutely perfect!