Welcome to the world, Audrey Rose

Meet the family:

Helen is an old friend of mine from our time in middle school – we met way back in the sixth grade! We used to sleep over each other’s houses all the time. I remember loving her house because it was filled with artwork created by Helen and her little brother. There was a “secret” field through the woods that we used to visit often and spend hours talking and exploring.

She and her boyfriend Robert have known each other since those awkward pre-teen days. They first dated in eighth grade and had us all laughing telling the story of how they never kissed that first time around, except for a forehead kiss that was the result of a dare from a friend. Too funny! After all these years, Helen and Robert recently added to their family with a brand new little bundle of joy named Audrey Rose! This little family is the sweetest!


Helen and Robert were willing to travel all the way to my home to shoot some newborn photos; Audrey was only nine days old! She is the most precious little girl. She was very alert and expressive during our session and has these big gorgeous eyes that never stop exploring the world around her.


I’m always amazed at how much stamina babies have, not to mention how STRONG they are! Audrey is a very active little girl and was doing some hilarious movements with her arms and legs that kept us all laughing. She’s still extremely young so she even went cross-eyed a few times as new babies do while trying to focus those brand new eyes! Needless to say, this made for some adorable photos.

Speaking of cute photos, Audrey fought sleep for the longest time but after spending some snuggle time with her mommy, she gave in to those heavy eyelids and took a little snooze – she looks pretty comfortable to me!


These facial expressions crack me up! Audrey wasn’t so sure of me at first, I’m sure a big black camera lens in her face didn’t help, but she warmed right up and is the best snuggle buddy. In my book, there’s really not much better than cuddling with a brand new baby.


This was the one photo pose that Robert specifically requested – what a great idea! It took a few tries with those strong legs and wiggly feet but I love the end result! I think this would be a really cool pose to recreate over the years as Audrey’s feet grow.


Look at those little piggies! Is there anything cuter than baby feet?

What a great looking family!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Helen, Robert, and Audrey for letting me take these photos! It is always an honor to photograph these moments in the lives of others, especially during such a busy, hectic, but wonderful time!! Best wishes to your family, you are amazing parents and Audrey is absolutely perfect!

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