Nathanael’s Story Begins

Meet precious little boy, Nathanael! He’s only ten days old!


Nathanael’s momma Jessica and I had the same major in college and even graduated together. Since graduation she met her husband, Anthony, gotten married, and given birth to two baby boys! Nathanael’s twin, Quinn passed away before birth but is very loved by his family and will live on in their hearts. His family has a beautiful wooden carving in his memory and Nathanael kept placing his hand on it all on his own as if he knew what it represented.

Nathanael was a natural model! Jess fed him and rocked him to sleep right before I arrived and he was so peaceful throughout my entire visit.


Below is one of my favorite shots from our session. Look at that sleepy smile! I always wonder what babies are dreaming about… colors, sounds, their parents’ faces? Either way, this baby boy seemed to be enjoying his rest.


His parents are just head over heels in love with him! Nathanael’s daddy Anthony said that snuggling with this peanut is his absolute favorite part of the day. Momma Jess is such a natural! This little boy loves to cuddle.

Jess said that grandma would be thrilled if we snapped some photos of baby’s little piggies. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who wasn’t obsessed with adorable baby feet.

Look at that hair! When his hat came off, Nathanael was ready to show off his dark Italian locks.

We migrated outside for a bit because it was such a gorgeous spring day. Bella, the family dog, loves loves loves to give big slobbery kisses to the new addition. She seems pumped to have a baby brother to watch over when she’s not busy chewing on a tasty stick.

Proud parents! Look at those grins!


Family photo time!


Congratulations to this beautiful bunch! I’m sure you will enjoy watching your son grow into a silly toddler, an active teenager, and a wonderful young man. Wishing you so many years of happiness with your growing family!

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