6 Makes Perfect

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I loved photographing this beautiful blended family of six on the Eastern Promenade in Portland! Erinn and Blaine are the most adorable engaged couple and have brought their four children together to form this energetic and charismatic family! Their kids are fantastic friends and it shines in how they play together and have that silly sibling banter. I had so much fun photographing the impromptu “silly faces” and sweet smiles of this bunch.

Erinn and Blaine are in the process of planning a destination wedding – how fun!! Their whole family will fly to paradise for what I’m sure will be an unforgettable wedding and then the kids will return home after a mini-vacation so mom and dad can enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon! I love that their whole family gets to not only “make it official” but also gets to have a fun vacation together weaved into the celebration – such a cool idea!

Congrats to the happy couple on your engagement and your wonderful family! Wishing you all many many years of happiness, silliness, and life-long memories!

Sand, Sea Shells, and a Surprise Proposal

Children, Couples, Engagement, Family, Portraits

This was SUCH a fun day for so many reasons! My friends Brittany and Andrew decided it was time their son, Desmond, make his first trip to the beach! Plus, this was Father’s Day of 2016 so it was a special way for this little family to spend the morning. Desmond loved the sand and had a blast collecting little beach treasures like sticks and shells. While Desmond was busy exploring, Andrew had a different mission:

The night before, Andrew had contacted me and told me he had a plan for this day – to PROPOSE to Brittany! I basically almost peed my pants with excitement! I know how perfect these two are together and have seen them go through ups and downs and always come out the other side stronger. I’ve seen them go through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood and just know they are meant to be together ’til the end and beyond! Needless to say, I was SO ready to take on the task of capturing this proposal on camera!

Brittany had brought a picture frame to the beach to use as a photo prop which was the perfect way to grab some photos of just Brittany and Andrew down by the water. Little Des played beside me in the sand while Andrew went and positioned himself to pop the question! I could ramble on but it’s so much better to see the story play out in photos:




Such a perfect family and a perfect day! Brittany was in shock but then cracked everyone up when she jumped into Andrew’s arms with joy! She was tickled that Andrew selflessly used his Father’s Day of all days to propose! I wonder if Des will be the ring bearer 😉 I better get an invite to your wedding haha – can’t wait to see you two tie the knot! Will be a day to remember for sure, just like this one! Could not be more honored to have been there for this moment! Love you guys ❤

Mickey, Mess, and Milestones

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Little Jacob turns ONE! What a fun photo session of silly Jacob’s one-year cake smash! He came with his mom, Jaimie and dad, Matt to Payson Park on this sunny day. Jacob was all decked out in Mickey Mouse attire and ready for his Mickey cake! At first he wasn’t too sure he liked the feeling of the frosting on his fingers but his apprehension quickly faded and he dove right in!

Jacob is so expressive which I love! He likes to ham it up for the camera and is always giggling and having a grand time. He definitely made a dent in his cake and his clothes had the mess to prove it! There was a momentary lapse in the giggles as stuffed Mickey got a little dirty in the frosting but oh my goodness look at Jacob’s pouty lip! SO cute! Once he and Mickey were cleaned up, it was right back to all-smiles!

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet boy! You are one fun-loving little munchkin and I can’t wait to see you and your family again in the future!

Mini Session for Mini Reese

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Little Reese was only five weeks old when we did this fun little mini shoot! She and her parents live very close to this beautiful field that was the perfect backdrop for these sunny shots!

Reese is so loved and is such a sweet little girl! She was on the verge of a nap during her mini session which made for these peaceful sleeping poses as well as some “waking up” shots with her big dreamy eyes.


I just love love love photos of babies’ hands, feet, hair, and all of their little features!

Reese’s mom, Nicole, brought these awesome balloons to the shoot! They made for a cool, soft prop to add to these photos 🙂

Okay, time for a real nap all snuggled up with Mom! Such a cutie!

Thanks to Nicole and her growing family for coming out for this fun mini session! See future blog posts of little Reese and her cousins, coming soon!

Shirley it’s a boy!

Children, Couples, Family, Newborns

There is nothing better than a new addition to a family, especially in the form of a brand new little baby! A little while ago my husband Mike and I took a little overnight trip to visit our family members Adam and Lauren who were expecting their first child! I say “were” because he has officially entered the world now – sweet little Oliver Grey Shirley! I cannot wait to take his newborn photos in a few days but that’ll be a future blog post. This one is all about when little Oliver was still in his momma’s belly!


Look at these beaming parents-to-be! These two have been through so much in their 13 years together, especially in regard to the journey of becoming parents. They are very open and honest about their struggles becoming pregnant but in the end it all worked out and they now have their perfect little boy, or “Little Man” as they fondly called him throughout pregnancy.

These two are ALWAYS making each other laugh and are the most down-to-earth couple you’ll ever meet. Little Oliver will grow up in a house filled with smiles, giggles, and more love than he could ever imagine!

I swear, when people talk about the “pregnancy glow,” it’s 100% true. I mean, look at momma Lauren; she is the perfect example!

Sweet little boy, safe in his momma’s embrace. I’m sure having him finally here in the world is a million times better, but Lauren has said many times she truly enjoyed pregnancy!


Dad-to-be Adam was just as excited! From listening to Lauren’s stories, it’s easy to gather that Adam was an amazing, supportive team member throughout the pregnancy and also the birth! It’s apparent in these photos that he loves Lauren more than anything and now gets to share that love with his son as well!

Oliver’s tiny shoes were adorable! It’s so crazy that babies come into this word as such tiny little beings and grow into strong, adult individuals in the blink of an eye. Of course, until then, there will be plenty of time to enjoy all the years in between!


Adam and Lauren live in a beautiful town in coastal Maine, hence the photos by the gorgeous open water near Algerian Coast. Once we left the shore, we drove around for a bit and they gave us a tour of the big island, the “fjord” (which I had to google), and a beautiful place called Asticou Gardens. The gardens were in full springtime bloom and were a stunning location for these photos.

Once we returned to Adam and Lauren’s house, I couldn’t resist getting some photos with their other “child,” Gracie the Great Dane. She is such a gentle giant and will make a wonderful big sister to baby Oliver!

I can’t say enough what a pleasure it was doing this session, especially for family because now I’ll get to see little Oliver grow up at every stage of his life!! Can’t wait to meet him ASAP! Thank you again to Adam and Lauren for hosting us overnight and visiting before and after this photo session! You were already amazing parents, even while Oliver was still cozy in his momma’s tummy, but now that he’s here, the second half of your journey begins! I have no doubts that this little boy will grow up in an amazing, loving, laughter-filled home! See you soon ❤ ❤

Blaises at Bates

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What a gorgeous day! The Blais family chose to have their family portraits done at Bates College which was such an awesome location! I had never been to the Bates campus before and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised at what a beautiful area it was.

Meet the Blais family:


This family was referred to me by a mutual friend and I’m so glad they contacted me for this session – they are such a fun bunch! I absolutely loved that three different generations were present for this session.


The kids,  Audrey and Cam, were so cute during this shoot. They are cousins and you can tell they are wonderful playmates and the best of friends!

They loved sitting close to the water watching a little family of ducks in the pond.


We explored all over campus and found some beautiful backdrops for photos. I think we were all happy to be outside enjoying such gorgeous weather!


These parents sure do love their little ones! There was lots of play and laughter throughout our session and candid photos are the best!

Brittany and Sam are such fun-loving women; they were all smiles and had some silly moments that are always fun to capture!

Helping the kiddos climb a tree!

These grandparents sure do adore their grand-kids!



What an awesome day with this fun and friendly group!! Thank you all for a wonderful session! 😀

Lovable Little Leah

Children, Portraits

Little Leah is one of my favorite tiny humans ever! She is the daughter of our family friends, Beth and Marc and is also my mother’s godchild. I got to hang out with her one-on-one the other day and we had the best time!


I think I’ve only seen this little girl unhappy maybe once in her life… maybe. She is the happiest munchkin ever and is FULL of personality!


We played with so many fun toys during her visit and had lots of laughs. Leah is very verbal now at two years old and communicates extremely well. She can even say my name which is usually a pretty tough one for kids. She knows all her colors and animals and loves anything to do with music. She even serenaded me with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece on a mini piano that she dug out of the toy bin 😉

We played with bubbles and had a tea party with little plastic teacups. One of Leah’s favorite things to do is to “feed” others whether it be humans or stuffed animals. She loves to “refill” the cups and even says the refreshing “ahhhhh” after she’s done drinking her pretend tea. So cute!

Bear needed loves in this next shot and Leah was happy to oblige:


The little toy in the pictures below is an all-time favorite of every single kid that has ever played with it – no joke. Kids are AMAZED by this toy! It’s a little jar of fake berries that came with a doll I had as a child. When the spoon is inserted and removed from the jar, little plastic berries magically appear as if they were scooped right out! Then, when they are “fed” to someone, the berries retract back into the spoon and “disappear.” I swear kids think it’s magic! It’s so entertaining to watch them as they try to figure out whether someone actually ate the berries or not!

This is the look I got when I interrupted Leah feeding berries to her puppy:


Apparently it was my turn to feed the puppy next:


This pink butterfly hat is one of Leah’s mom, Beth’s favorite accessories for her little sweetie. When I put it on Leah with the brim facing forward, she immediately turned it around backwards and started asking, “Dada?” Guess we know how Daddy wears his hats!

We did eventually get that hat turned back around so we could get a glimpse of that cute little butterfly.

Leah is a very curious little tyke and loves to explore new things. When I brought her to the shed in our yard to use as a backdrop, she decided she wanted to know what was inside instead!

Also, in the house is an old library card catalog; well, that is a goldmine for piquing the curiosity of a two-year-old. Imagine all the toys she could fit in here!


We took a little break at one point to watch / listen to one of Leah’s favorite songs – the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves Mickey but she ADORES Minnie! How many little girls do you know that don’t love Minnie Mouse? None, that’s how many.

Time to go back outside and get a few more shots before Mommy and Daddy got back from their doctor’s appointment – Leah is going to be a big sister to another little girl!! How exciting!

For now, Leah enjoys being the baby of the family and is so loved by everyone who knows her.

Say “CHEESE” Leah!! She seriously does the best “cheese” I’ve ever seen!


Love this little nugget to pieces and can’t wait to see her grow up! Keep being your goofy, wonderful self, Leah! Say thanks to your mommy and daddy for me for letting me have a play date with you! See you soon baby girl 😀


Slides, Swings, and Smiles

Children, Family, Portraits

I had such a blast the other morning with this beautiful family at the park for a portrait session!

I met Jaimie and Matt through mutual friends and I’m so happy we were introduced – they are such genuine and fun people! With their two boys, Issac and Jacob, they make a perfect little family!

Issac is a playful little boy who was SO well-behaved for photos! At our session location there was a playground on-site and in view and when I asked Issac if he would pose for some photos first he cheerily agreed, “Okay!” I was so impressed by Issac’s manners and good nature. Plus he has a great smile with those two front teeth missing 😉

Jacob is around 9 months old and the sweetest little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy you’ll ever meet! Unlike his brother with two teeth missing, Jacob only has two teeth total! So cute when he shows off that adorable baby grin!


Jaimie and Matt are proud parents and make such a beautiful couple. I can’t get enough of how happy these two are! They love each other and their family so much and it shines through their personalities so clearly.


Time for some more family portraits:


After being such good sports and modeling for formal shots, it was time to let the boys have at the playground! These two loved the swings so much. I definitely enjoy watching kids just have fun and take a break during portraits for some candid shots.

Sometimes you need a little extra push from Mom and Dad:



Next it was time for a little project; Jaimie and Matt had a friend take a family photo at this exact park during the early stages of Jaimie’s pregnancy with Jacob. Although Jacob is technically in the “before” photo in mommy’s belly, we recreated the shot with him right next to his big bro!

Three is so fun and four even even more fun! These two little boys have the best parents and the best relationship with each other. You can tell Issac loves being a big brother and Jacob just adores his sibling role model!






Issac cracked me up at one point; while I was taking the photo above (with the lake behind me) he chimes in and says “HEY! Why don’t we take a photo with the water in the background instead?” He has an eye for scenery, this one! I told him I definitely needed a solo photo of him after that suggestion so here it is! TA-DA!

Jacob is super close to walking on his own. Jaimie said that he’s cruising along furniture at home so it’ll be any day now. A little extra support from Mom and Dad will have to do for the time being.

Matt is such a proud Dad and it definitely shows through with that look in his eye. He has a healthy competition going on with our mutual friend Andrew in recreating the Pride Rock scene from The Lion King with their little boys filling in for the role of Simba.


Jaime gets so many awesome snuggles from these boys. They are the spitting image of their Momma, for now at least. Jacob truly didn’t cry at all and only fussed VERY briefly towards the end after being such a trooper all day. I couldn’t resist snapping one shot of that adorable scowling face as he was comforted by Mom.

What an awesome outing with such a fun bunch! This family is all smiles and I just love how playful and carefree they are – they are the perfect example of “go with the flow” and it works so well for them! Thanks for a great time, guys! See you again soon 😀


Desmond’s Birthday Party #1


It came and went and was so much fun! Desmond is officially 1 year old!! He had a Sesame Street birthday party which was cute as could be! His parents and grandparents did an absolutely amazing job decorating and pulling off a memorable event. Happy Birthday, Des! You’re just so grown up! Time to slow down 😉

Like I said, the decorations for this party were awesome! Everywhere I looked was super colorful and connected with Sesame Street in some way. The cake was one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever seen!! It was made by Nichole Tranchemontagne, a friend of Desmond’s parents. All the characters were amazing but I’m personally a huge Oscar fan. SCRAM!

Des 1st Birthday-4

Everyone had a great time and the kids were all so kind and gentle interacting with one another. This is a close group of adult friends and their children are lucky that they will all grow up together!

Time for cake…again! I did a One-Year Cake Smash photo shoot of Desmond with some of his family a few weeks ago but this time he had lots of friends and family to celebrate with him! His bib didn’t stay on for long. We sang Happy Birthday and let the mess fun begin. Here’s the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Desmond actually discovered the cake this time instead of just the frosting. Although, I think the frosting is clearly still his favorite, hence that GIANT smile when he’s smearing it all over his tray! All the kids went to town on the larger Sesame Street character cake. One of Desmond’s baby friends, Autumn wanted to get her hands dirty too and decided what better time than with birthday cake.

After cake was finished, it was time for Desmond to just hang out with his BFFs on “Desmond Street”

Des 1st Birthday-119

They make a pretty stinkin’ adorable bunch!!
Here they are with all their mamas in order of age:

Des 1st Birthday-109

Left-to-right: 16 mo. 12 mo. 9 mo. 9 mo.      Center: 31 weeks pregnant

Next was family photo time!

Des 1st Birthday-105Des 1st Birthday-107

Des 1st Birthday-28

What a fun day filled with laughter and smiles! I just love watching my friends grow their families and seeing their kids develop these wonderful, silly little personalities. It really is an honor for me every time I get to step into someone’s life and capture the memories they are making with their family and children! Happy Birthday, Desmond. Cheers to year 2! 😀

Baby Desmond Turns ONE!


I can’t believe this little boy is already one! I met him at the hospital when he was born and he was just a peanut. I took 6-month photos of him last fall and now he’s turning the big O-N-E! Happy (almost) Birthday to this cutie!

When I first arrived for the photo shoot, Desmond was a running machine! He is a pro at standing up with the aid of a chair or hand to hold and wants to run run run as fast as his little legs will carry him! He walks on the tips of his toes and sticks his belly out to help him lean forward and move faster.

I loved watching Desmond play for a while and took some shots of him just being his silly little self. He’s definitely got a big personality!

Desmond’s mommy, Brittany is a good friend of mine and wanted to grab a photo of me with baby boy as well. Any excuse to snuggle a tiny human is reason enough for me!


This little boy is all about moving right now whether it be crawling, walking, or even bouncing in his swing. Look at that smile!

Desmond’s daddy, Andrew printed out one of Des’ newborn photos (by Tracy Neuville Photography) to display in a custom-made frame. How cool! As Des grows, he can hold a picture of himself holding this picture…and so on!


After some time settling in and taking some lifestyle shots, it was time for the big event – Desmond’s first birthday cake!!! I loved this part of the shoot SOOO much! I have way too many favorites so here’s a slideshow of the whole thing from start to finish!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Haha! I hope you enjoyed watching that! We were all cracking up watching him dig in and get messy! Once it was almost clean up time, Andrew thought Brittany needed to get a little messy to match Desmond and…well, you saw the pictures!! Brittany might be smelling and tasting cake for a few days! Desmond was lucky to be small enough to fit in the kitchen sink for tubby time!

After getting squeaky clean, it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to fit some snuggles in!

What an awesome afternoon spent with great friends and the sweetest little boy ever! Can’t wait for his birthday party in a few weeks! I’m sure he’ll be excited for another cake smash and to have all his friends and family surrounding him. For now, his smile is cake-free! See you soon, friends!