Baby Desmond Turns ONE!

I can’t believe this little boy is already one! I met him at the hospital when he was born and he was just a peanut. I took 6-month photos of him last fall and now he’s turning the big O-N-E! Happy (almost) Birthday to this cutie!

When I first arrived for the photo shoot, Desmond was a running machine! He is a pro at standing up with the aid of a chair or hand to hold and wants to run run run as fast as his little legs will carry him! He walks on the tips of his toes and sticks his belly out to help him lean forward and move faster.

I loved watching Desmond play for a while and took some shots of him just being his silly little self. He’s definitely got a big personality!

Desmond’s mommy, Brittany is a good friend of mine and wanted to grab a photo of me with baby boy as well. Any excuse to snuggle a tiny human is reason enough for me!


This little boy is all about moving right now whether it be crawling, walking, or even bouncing in his swing. Look at that smile!

Desmond’s daddy, Andrew printed out one of Des’ newborn photos (by Tracy Neuville Photography) to display in a custom-made frame. How cool! As Des grows, he can hold a picture of himself holding this picture…and so on!


After some time settling in and taking some lifestyle shots, it was time for the big event – Desmond’s first birthday cake!!! I loved this part of the shoot SOOO much! I have way too many favorites so here’s a slideshow of the whole thing from start to finish!

Haha! I hope you enjoyed watching that! We were all cracking up watching him dig in and get messy! Once it was almost clean up time, Andrew thought Brittany needed to get a little messy to match Desmond and…well, you saw the pictures!! Brittany might be smelling and tasting cake for a few days! Desmond was lucky to be small enough to fit in the kitchen sink for tubby time!

After getting squeaky clean, it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to fit some snuggles in!

What an awesome afternoon spent with great friends and the sweetest little boy ever! Can’t wait for his birthday party in a few weeks! I’m sure he’ll be excited for another cake smash and to have all his friends and family surrounding him. For now, his smile is cake-free! See you soon, friends!



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