Slides, Swings, and Smiles

I had such a blast the other morning with this beautiful family at the park for a portrait session!

I met Jaimie and Matt through mutual friends and I’m so happy we were introduced – they are such genuine and fun people! With their two boys, Issac and Jacob, they make a perfect little family!

Issac is a playful little boy who was SO well-behaved for photos! At our session location there was a playground on-site and in view and when I asked Issac if he would pose for some photos first he cheerily agreed, “Okay!” I was so impressed by Issac’s manners and good nature. Plus he has a great smile with those two front teeth missing 😉

Jacob is around 9 months old and the sweetest little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy you’ll ever meet! Unlike his brother with two teeth missing, Jacob only has two teeth total! So cute when he shows off that adorable baby grin!


Jaimie and Matt are proud parents and make such a beautiful couple. I can’t get enough of how happy these two are! They love each other and their family so much and it shines through their personalities so clearly.


Time for some more family portraits:


After being such good sports and modeling for formal shots, it was time to let the boys have at the playground! These two loved the swings so much. I definitely enjoy watching kids just have fun and take a break during portraits for some candid shots.

Sometimes you need a little extra push from Mom and Dad:



Next it was time for a little project; Jaimie and Matt had a friend take a family photo at this exact park during the early stages of Jaimie’s pregnancy with Jacob. Although Jacob is technically in the “before” photo in mommy’s belly, we recreated the shot with him right next to his big bro!

Three is so fun and four even even more fun! These two little boys have the best parents and the best relationship with each other. You can tell Issac loves being a big brother and Jacob just adores his sibling role model!






Issac cracked me up at one point; while I was taking the photo above (with the lake behind me) he chimes in and says “HEY! Why don’t we take a photo with the water in the background instead?” He has an eye for scenery, this one! I told him I definitely needed a solo photo of him after that suggestion so here it is! TA-DA!

Jacob is super close to walking on his own. Jaimie said that he’s cruising along furniture at home so it’ll be any day now. A little extra support from Mom and Dad will have to do for the time being.

Matt is such a proud Dad and it definitely shows through with that look in his eye. He has a healthy competition going on with our mutual friend Andrew in recreating the Pride Rock scene from The Lion King with their little boys filling in for the role of Simba.


Jaime gets so many awesome snuggles from these boys. They are the spitting image of their Momma, for now at least. Jacob truly didn’t cry at all and only fussed VERY briefly towards the end after being such a trooper all day. I couldn’t resist snapping one shot of that adorable scowling face as he was comforted by Mom.

What an awesome outing with such a fun bunch! This family is all smiles and I just love how playful and carefree they are – they are the perfect example of “go with the flow” and it works so well for them! Thanks for a great time, guys! See you again soon 😀


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