Pups and Pics


This was a fun puppy play date over the summer! My friend Meghan got a new puppy, Mica (black and tan) and we just had to snap some photos while she was still a baby! She even had her best bud Bode the golden retriever tag along to being a playmate and co-model!

Isn’t she beautiful? She looks so regal when she focuses on the camera but boy is she full of playful puppy energy!

Bode and Mica are best friends. Bode is Mica’s “uncle” if we’re going by the human family tree. Mica is one happy “niece” sitting by his side.

Silly Bode is a goofy boy!

My sister and Meghan are close friends from grade school. Sophie, my sister’s dog, came along for the play date and these three hit it off!


What a rough life it is being a dog… 😉 It doesn’t get better than photography and furry friends!

FiancĂ©s and Furry Friends

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This past spring, I had such a fun engagement session with future husband and wife, Paul and Kristi, at Six Flags! (view that session here) Once summer weather arrived, it was time for part two of capturing this couple’s love! Their fur babies even joined in on the fun!

We met up at Long Sands beach in York, ME for this beautiful pastel-colored session!

Seriously, how cute are these two? They are each fun-loving and adventurous as individuals; then when they’re together, they just mesh perfectly!

There was a clear favorite photo from part one of their engagement session involving their reflection in a puddle at the theme park. We wanted to somehow incorporate it into part 2! Could this location or this couple be any more beautiful? Nope!

Kristi and Paul love their fur babies as children which is awesome because, as those who know me are aware, I’m a crazy dog lady! HA! Needless to say, I was thrilled to have their furry children, Teddy and Graham, join in on the engagement-photo fun!

Look at these lovable goofballs – they just love to play!

Family photos 🙂

Ugh, the love! ❀

After the pups were tuckered out from romping around on the beach, we made our way up the coastline to Cape Neddick Lighthouse (also known as Nubble Lighthouse). How dreamy are Kristi and Paul looking out over the island?! It’s funny because you never know what people are thinking while taking these photos but I just love that these two have such a unique love. To me it’s like they are looking into the distance as they make plans for their future, while still living “in the here and now” and enjoying every moment!


These two are best friends, you can clearly see that just by being around them, but there is definitely a deep-seated love and determination for their commitment to one another. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to photograph their wedding next May, not only because I love photography and the intense, exhausting, wonderful demand for creativity that it requires, but also because I love when my clients become my friends and I get to witness the happiest, most beautiful moments of their lives! Here’s to T-270 days, you two! 😀

Coastal Adventures With Alexis and Luna

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Meet Alexis!


Alexis and I worked together a few years ago for a short period of time and lots has happened in her life since then! She got a new job, got married, and moved to a different state! Time flies! Since she now lives in NH, we decided to meet in the middle and visit the beach for some photos. It was a cloudy day but that really does makes for the best photos!

Don’t you just love Alexis’ dress? It was so flowy and perfect for the occasion. Plus going barefoot at the beach is the only way to go!


After a while we took a break from the sand and walked through the shops of downtown Old Orchard Beach. I just loved this purple door! Right now the door was down because the carousel isn’t open for the season yet – but it will be soon! OOB really, and I mean REALLY, gets busy once summer officially begins and the tourists flock to the coast. We were lucky enough to pretty much have the beach to ourselves on this day.


Alexis is a natural in front of the camera and that beachy hair is just perfect!

After walking through the shopping strip, we stopped by Alexis’ truck to let her fur baby, Luna out to join us. This was Luna’s first time visiting the beach and boy did she LOVE it!


I think Luna’s nose was in overdrive! She was hilarious playing in the waves; she’d run right up to the edge of the water and when a wave crashed onto the beach, she’d go crazy with excitement and playfully dart away. Then she’d go right back for more!


Alexis loves her fur baby! Little Luna is only 10 pounds. She has a doggy bed in the passenger’s seat of Alexis’ truck which makes for a comfy ride. It’s time for Luna to get accustomed to road trips because soon enough she’ll be moving to South Carolina with her parents; Alexis’ husband is in the military and is getting a new assignment – very exciting for this family! I’m a little jealous that they’ll be somewhere much warmer than Maine. Plus they’ll still be near the coast which I’m sure the whole family is happy about.

After an awesome shoot and some great doggy playtime, it was time to leave the beach and head home. Look at Luna stare at her momma questioning why we’re leaving the beach. Haha! Don’t worry little fluffball, I’m sure you’ll have many more beach adventures in the future!


Thank you to Alexis and Luna for making the trip back to Maine to visit and have an awesome photo session. Good luck to you both on your move! Here’s to new places and exciting new experiences!