Pups and Pics

This was a fun puppy play date over the summer! My friend Meghan got a new puppy, Mica (black and tan) and we just had to snap some photos while she was still a baby! She even had her best bud Bode the golden retriever tag along to being a playmate and co-model!

Isn’t she beautiful? She looks so regal when she focuses on the camera but boy is she full of playful puppy energy!

Bode and Mica are best friends. Bode is Mica’s “uncle” if we’re going by the human family tree. Mica is one happy “niece” sitting by his side.

Silly Bode is a goofy boy!

My sister and Meghan are close friends from grade school. Sophie, my sister’s dog, came along for the play date and these three hit it off!


What a rough life it is being a dog… 😉 It doesn’t get better than photography and furry friends!

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