Ben, Bricks, and Bokeh

Ben and I met in a photography class a while back; we both wanted to learn more about our DSLR cameras and it was definitely a fun experience! During this session, it was time for Ben to be in front of the camera instead of behind the lens!


It was a gorgeous day out so we met up at Riverbank Park in Westbrook for these photos. Other than the playground area, this park is actually pretty quiet and peaceful. Normally there is a giant flock of ducks waiting around to be fed but they must have already filled their bellies this day and were off resting somewhere other than the park.

I love that this park is right on the river. It makes for a nice natural spot among the concrete of the city.


Ben and I explored different areas of the park in search of interesting backdrops for these photos.We talked a lot about composition and had fun playing around with different poses, lines, and angles! There was a metal boat dock that was cool to experiment with! Ben even did an exercise hold for a shot, supporting himself up on the dock ramp railings. He’s on a fitness kick and is doing well!

Time for some more poses and cool backgrounds! I love bricks and think they’re such a nice rough backdrop for photos – plus, they’re everywhere! It’s usually pretty quick and easy to find brick buildings around here.

Posing with the trees was hilarious! Sometimes it takes a few shots to find a relaxed and natural position for subjects. After some awkward positions (and laughs) we finally found what was comfortable for Ben! Sometimes I like to just let people walk to an area and instinctively settle into their own natural pose for portraits 🙂

This was definitely a fun time – it’s always cool to be able to chat about photography and all of its intricate aspects with someone while we shoot. Thanks again for meeting up with me, Ben! Enjoy the photos and keep flashing that smile!



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