Candid Candy

Meet Candy!


I absolutely loved this session! This beautiful lady is such a bubbly, driven, and inspiring woman! Candy is passionate about self-improvement both physically and mentally and truly sticks to her plans. So far, that motivation has really paid off; she’s transforming her mind and body one day at a time and is achieving her goals every day!


Candy is a natural in front of the camera! She has a soft spot for pinup fashion and boy does it work for her! I watched her pin her hair when I first arrived and thought it was so cool.

I love wearing flowers in my hair so when Candy added one to her outfit I was so excited to start snapping photos. That polka dot dress is adorable! There were so many colorful walls and scenery at our session which always makes me happy – the more color the better!

Next it was time for an outfit change. Candy is a fitness enthusiast and follows a healthy eating plan as well. She is even a leader of a group that supports others in their fitness journeys!


Hearing Candy speak about her passion for healthy living is empowering! She has this really natural way of encouraging people to look within themselves and make the decision to live life the way they want, and by their own standards!

Then it was time to really impress – Candy just whipped into a few handstands and made it look like it was nothing! She even smiled so easily while she was upside down which was awesome!

It was SUCH a pleasure photographing such a strong woman! I left this session feeling happy not only with the photo shoot but with the stirring of motivation I started to feel! In our short time together Candy really made me realize that you are the only one who can make the decision to better your life. There will be plenty of work necessary for achieving future goals but once you’re on that path it won’t even feel like work – it’ll feel like progress!

Thank you again, Candy for taking time out of your day for this session. It was a pleasure photographing you. You have opened my eyes to a new outlook on life, change, and daily improvement. Congratulations on all of your achievements thus far! 😀


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