Snow day fun with Lori Anne and Mya

Welcome to my first blog post! This is very exciting for me!

Today was an awesome day photographing Lori Anne and her dog, Mya. We met by the playground on the Eastern Promenade this morning to have some fun in the snow! The Eastern Prom has always been one of my favorite places in Portland – probably because it is one of the places in the city that feels the least urban. There are woods, trails, the harbor, the beach, and a big open field all in one place!

Meet Lori Anne!
Lori Anne and I attended college together at the University of Southern Maine. She was kind enough to let me photograph her today to help build up my portfolio. She is the sweetest! She works as an in-home nurse. We were talking about how she used to be required to wear scrubs but now that she’s transferred to in-home care, she can wear whatever she wants! I love love love her sweater and how it has that soft look to it just like the snowy backdrop!

Meet Mya!
Mya is a rescue dog that has been through a lot! She comes from an abusive past but since she was adopted by Lori Anne she is all smiles! What a sweet girl!

Look at these two – they are the perfect pair!

Lori Anne is super into trying new things and having new experiences. She told me a silly story of how she recently went hiking in the mountains but didn’t expect the ice that she encountered once they began the climb. She said she almost had to spend the night in the cold on top of the mountain! Can you imagine?! Thankfully, she received some help from a fellow hiker and got to sleep in her own cozy bed that night! I think if Mya had gone she might have been alright with all that beautiful black fluff but Lori Anne might have been just a little too chilly! Eek!

Speaking of being chilly, Lori Anne is a smart woman! She keeps her feet warm with classic Bean boots! Mya, on the other hand, has enough fur to keep her toes toasty warm all by herself.

Even though it was fairly warm today, we just got about a foot of fresh powder over the weekend. We had to take advantage and have some fun with the snow!


Mya waiting for her chance to catch a few snowballs:

Isn’t Lori Anne such a beauty? She has one of the BEST smiles I’ve ever seen!!

We found a tree with red berries and I was a happy camper! As a photographer I’m always searching for something to brighten up a photo, especially in the white white white of winter!


Time for a wardrobe change! Loving that deep blue color.

I can’t get over these happy faces:


Mya had a blast exploring on the beach! She was nose-to-the-ground almost the whole time smelling all those fun smells that we humans can’t! Although, I think I’m grateful that my nose isn’t as strong as Mya’s, especially at the beach.


Some more favorites from the day!

These two were SO much fun! I had a blast and am so thankful I have friends that are willing to have sore cheeks from smiling so that I can capture some fun moments! Thank you Lori Anne and Mya – you two are the best!

  1. Marilyn Durham says:

    As a former co-worker friend of LoriAnne I was very pleased to see the fantastic photos you took of her and Mya having fun outdoors. You are a gifted photographer.

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