Congratulations on your new addition! This is such a happy time and is the best opportunity to capture memories of your little one’s first few days of life! Those tiny toes and squishy lips don’t last forever so preserving those precious moments with photos leads to memories that will last a lifetime!

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*Sessions are the most successful when done within 2-10 days of birth (but are able to be scheduled up to 1 month after birth
Cost: $450

+ 5.5% Maine sales tax

Packages include:

  • My creative talent for 1-2 hours of shooting time in the comfort of your home capturing lifestyle and studio-style portraits of you and your newest bundle of joy.
  • Siblings are welcome to join in the session
  • All photos individually digitally retouched, edited and enhanced
  • A “sneak peek” of a select few proof images with watermark posted to the company Facebook page within 2 weeks of your session for you to save and share as you wish
  • All final images available as a digital download (open for 30 days) within 4 weeks of your session (If you would prefer to have your digital images mailed to you on a USB drive, and additional $10 fee is required)
  • Option to purchase professional prints, canvases, phone cases, and other products directly from your online gallery
  • Print release of all final images

*Locations outside the cities of Portland, South Portland, Windham, Westbrook, Gorham, and Falmouth require an additional travel fee of 55 cents per mile.
Q. When should I book my newborn session?
A. As soon as possible, ideally during pregnancy! Of course there is no exact way to tell when your little one will decide “it’s time,” but scheduling your session in advance will help in planning time to set aside for your shoot. I will schedule your due date in my calendar and will need to know as soon as possible once your baby is born. The ideal time for newborn sessions is within 2-10 days of birth while the baby is often sleepy and easily posed – this is the best opportunity for photographing curled-up, peacefully sleeping, relaxed newborns. After the 10 day window, babies are much more mobile and can sometimes begin to develop baby acne or dry skin. The shoot can definitely still be done after the 10 day mark but your session may have a different overall feel!
Q. Where would the session take place?
A. Lifestyle newborn sessions are shot in the comfort of your home. The goal of a lifestyle newborn session is to capture your family and your baby in those “everyday moments” that make parenthood so special. These photos may include things like you cuddling and bonding with your new baby just as you would if you weren’t being photographed.
If for some reason you’d like to do your lifestyle session on-location, somewhere other than your home, please let me know as far in advance as possible.
Q. How long does a newborn session last?
A. Typically between 1-2 hours but it varies depending on the needs of baby. The goal is for you to be stress-free and not feel rushed in any way. Babies need frequent feedings, diaper changes, and lots of love to feel safe and at ease. Please plan for a minimum of 1-2 hours.
Q. What if I have other children?
A. No problem! In my experience, most children are so excited with their new role as “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” that they are great helpers. BUT, sometimes older siblings can feel like everything is about the new baby and that they are now secondary. Initially, I like to meet the other children in the family right when I arrive, before I even set eyes on the baby. It’s important for parents to know that this is not because I’m not interested in meeting your baby!! It is to make your older children feel like they are equal to baby as subjects in the photography process and that I really want them involved as well!
**One WONDERFUL way to make this happen is to first meet the older children to establish that I am there for the whole family and not just for baby, and to have THEM introduce me to their little brother or sister rather than have the parents introduce me to baby. Baby is an important star of the show, but as a lifestyle photographer I love to involve all members of the family and have baby share a little bit of the spotlight. Photos often include parents, siblings, nursing, snuggle time, and sometimes even family pets. Whatever you’re comfortable with is what I’ll shoot.
Q. When will I receive my final digital photos?
A. A “sneak peek” of afew select proof images will be posted to the company Facebook page within 1 week of your session. These photos will be formatted for web use and will have a watermark. They will be available for your to save and share as you wish.
*You may expect ALL of your FINAL images to be ready within 4 weeks of your session. All final images will be digitally enhanced and will have NO watermark. They will be delivered in full resolution, large format JPEG files available as a digital download. (If you would prefer to have your photos mailed to you on a USB drive, an additional $10 fee is required)
*With payment and the signing of your contract, you grant me the rights to use images on my website and professional social media for advertising and portfolio purposes. This contract will also grant you full printing rights to all final images as well as the right to post them on your personal social media if you so wish.
*I do not place a maximum on the number of shots taken as I do not believe in limiting the potential of any session. I take as many shots as needed in our time together to capture the moment!