Hi, I’m Erica!
I’m a mom to two magnificent daughters and wife to my college sweetheart. I’m impassioned by uncovering connections and capturing the intimate bonds between children, parents, lovers, animals, and everyone in-between. 


My Philosophy of Photography

All my life I’ve heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” While I believe there is some truth to this saying, I also believe the opposite to be true; a picture is worth no words at all. A picture is worth nothing if its viewer feels no connection to its subject. Photographs represent so much more than moments in time frozen into an everlasting image; they represent the feeling that we had in that exact moment. They give our senses déjà vu.
When parents look at a photograph of their newborn child, they not only see those wrinkly fingers and that little button nose, they are transported back in time. They feel that perfectly soft baby skin, the texture of the yarn on the classic knitted baby blanket, hear the sound of their child cooing during sleep.
When couples view photographs of themselves, they not only see two people in love, they can hear years of laughter, remember the butterflies in the pit of their stomachs in the early years, feel that lump in their throat the moment they said “I do” and bask in the deep sense of comfort and safety that time creates.
When a person sees photos of their furry companion, they can feel that silky fur between their fingers, smell the fresh air of countless memories made on adventures in the great outdoors, and reminisce over all those hours, days, years of having man’s best friend by your side.
This is my goal – to engage your senses. I truly believe that photographs are nothing without emotional connection. I want you to not only see your memories, but feel that moment in time again. Our senses fade with time but we can revive them with a click of the shutter.