Thornton Academy Varsity Cheerleading

Congrats to the Thornton Academy Varsity Cheerleading team on an amazing season of competitions! I was able to witness them perform a few weeks ago and these girls kick butt! Their coach Kyle is a good friend of mine and I was thrilled when he asked me to photograph their winter banquet. This was the first sports banquet this team had ever had – needless to say it was an emotional night!


The theme of the banquet was Red Carpet so all of these beautiful girls were dressed to impress! I overheard the seniors on the team mentioning how they were wearing black because it was their TAVC “funeral” being their last year with this team.


The turnout was wonderful with parents, siblings, and even extended family and friends there to be cheerleaders for their cheerleaders!

I saw first hand how hard Kyle worked to make this night come together; he decorated every last surface of the Thornton Academy cafeteria to transform this space into a red carpet event for these girls.

Speeches were made and tears were shed as the season came to an end. A slideshow was shown with pictures and memories from this year and years past – some of these girls have been together for a long time and have been cheering even longer!

Kyle sure does love what he does and it shines through in the way he adores these girls and they adore him back!

One last lift to end the season! Three cheers for TAVC! Good luck in future seasons, girls! Keep smiling!


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