Boys, boys, boys!

Meet the Angelle family!


Brittany is a mom of three beautiful boys: Parker, Blake, and baby Landon. Unfortunately Daddy Luke was off at work during this photo shoot but we still had fun with Momma and her boys! Landon was around two weeks old at the time of this session and had such a calm personality. You can tell he fits into this family perfectly!

Parker, the eldest brother, is such an amazing helper when it comes to baby Landon! He wants to hold him, feed him, and assist in any way he can. What an awesome big brother and role-model!


Middle brother Blake is very playful and energetic. He is still very curious about the new baby and even more curious about photography – at first he wasn’t too sure about getting his photo taken but he warmed right up to the camera and even wanted to take a turn clicking the shutter button himself!

Baby Landon loves his Momma so much. He loves to be held and stare into her eyes until he falls asleep. I think Brittany is just as in love with him as he is with her!

Being a baby is tough work sometimes. In the end, I think they all just want to be cozy. Landon doesn’t particularly enjoy having his arms free and would much prefer to be bundled up; I don’t blame him, look how cozy and peaceful he looks once he has that fuzzy blanket wrapped around him! Oh to be a baby again…

While baby snoozes, big brothers like to play! This is a handsome blue-eyed bunch of boys!


Even though it’s all fun and games with these silly little guys, even big brothers get sleepy and need to rest.

I had a fun-filled day with this family and definitely had lots of laughs. Little boys are so full of energy and spunk that there is never a dull moment! Brittany is a proud momma and rightly so! She has a beautiful, healthy family and has her boys and her loving husband to spend this wonderful life with! There is so much to be thankful for in this world. I’m thankful that I get to capture these memories for others and have a blast doing it!

Thank you, Brittany for letting me into your home to capture these little everyday moments that make life so worth living!



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